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AlmaLinux OS option for dedicated servers

AlmaLinux 9 has been added to the list of OS options for dedicated servers and OpenVZ VPS’s

The AlmaLinux 9 Linux distribution is now available as an OS option for all dedicated server configurations on our platform. Learn more about AlmaLinux in our blog post.

WP-CLI is now supported on our cloud hosting platform

WP-CLI, a command line interface for WordPress is now fully supported on our cloud hosting platform, and on all dedicated servers and virtual servers that use the Hepsia panel.

New quick php settings in Control Panel

New PHP settings added to the Hepsia Control Panel

New, fast-access PHP settings have been added to the Control Panel. From now on, you can enable error_reporting, log_errors, and error_log with just a few clicks.

Upcoming cPanel reseller plans price update

In the face of skyrocketing licensing fees and data center bills, we are forced to adjust our cPanel reseller packages pricing accordingly. See the new prices in our blog post.

Key marketing objectives for 2023

Key marketing objectives for a prosperous 2023

With more than a month into 2023, here are a few marketing resolutions that could help fuel your reseller hosting business engine throughout 2023 and beyond.

.DK domain registration

.DK domain registrations and transfers on hold

We’ve temporarily stopped offering the .DK TLD due to the challenging process of obtaining and maintaining .DK domain names at the registry level. For this reason, starting today, .DK will no longer be part of your domain portfolio. We apologize for the inconvenience and reserve the right to restore .DK domains and transfers if the

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Monthly commission payments

Commission payments for December 2022

Today, we will be sending out all commission payments for December 2022 to resellers that have met their release level.

Domain phishing restrictions

Discontinued support for domain extensions related to phishing activity in trial accounts

As of today, domain extensions that are most often a target of malicious campaigns will no longer be supported in trial web hosting accounts. Find out which domain extensions will be impacted from our blog post.

New TLD promotions across the free reseller program

Exclusive nTLD offers now live for a fresh beginning of 2023

We have activated more than 60 nTLD offers across our free reseller hosting platform. Learn more about the available domain promotions in our latest blog post.

Upcoming price update on selected TLDs

In the past few months, a lot of domain registrars have raised the registration prices for many TLDs. Unfortunately, this means that we will also have to raise our prices.

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