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Budget-friendly ways to leverage AI in your marketing

A few budget-friendly ways to leverage AI in your marketing

AI is revolutionizing marketing, enhancing content creation and optimizing processes. This provides a cost-effective opportunity for small businesses to improve their brand promotion tactics. Explore our list of free AI tools to integrate artificial intelligence into your marketing initiatives.
NVMe storage powered hosting

NVMe storage is now enabled across our entire hosting platform

We have implemented pure NVMe storage across our entire web hosting network as part of the Free Reseller Program, ensuring optimal performance. Find additional information in the blog post.
Upcoming price update for shared web hosting plans and selected TLDs

Upcoming price increase on shared hosting plans and selected TLDs

There will be a price increase for our standard shared web hosting plans and some TLDs in the near future. Read more about that in our blog.
A UK data center option now available for the starter Xeon setup

More Xeon dedicated server setups now available in the UK data center, one is a brand new E5-2630L V4 configuration

The number of dedicated server setups supporting a UK data center location option keeps growing. Check out our blog for more details.
Birthday Sale 21 ResellersPanel OpenVZ KVM semi-dedicated cPanel

ResellersPanel turns 21 years old! We celebrate with a host of VPS, KVM, semi-dedicated, and cPanel reseller deals

It’s ResellersPanel’s 21st Birthday and we are celebrating with a host of festive promo campaigns on selected VPS, semi-dedicated, and cPanel solutions
A UK data center option now available for the starter Xeon setup

A UK data center option enabled for the Xeon E3 V5 server

We are happy to announce a UK data center location option for the entry-level Xeon dedicated server. Learn more from our blog.

The “Manage Accounts” feature for Hepsia-managed VPS and dedicated servers has undergone a significant enhancement

An updated and more user-friendly “Manage Accounts” section now allows users of Hepsia-enabled VPS and dedicated servers to create and manage subaccounts under their primary account.
Dedicated Server AMD EPYC new setup

New, AMD EPYC-powered dedicated server setup added to your portfolio

A brand new, AMD EPYC-based dedicated server setup has been enabled on our platform.

2023 in review and what lies ahead

Here is a quick look at some of the improvements we’ve implemented on our platform in 2023.
Holiday Specials 2023

Holiday Specials – OVZs, KVMs and semi-dedicated server deals. New TLD offers. A cPanel Reseller super sale!

As of December 14th, were running multiple festive deals across our platforms. Check out our blog post to learn more about them.

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