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Black Friday Cyber Monday Deals 2023

Get ready for the Black Friday – Cyber Monday weekend: exclusive server deals and proven marketing tactics to boost your sales

We’ve prepared promotions for you to use in your marketing campaigns during the Black Friday Cyber Monday event. Exciting deals will be launched on November 20th to help your brand stand out. These service promotions can secure long-term contracts with customers for monthly services.

SEO basics for your e-commerce store

SEO Basics: Small business tips for driving traffic to your online store

To boost the visibility of your e-commerce store, it is essential to use effective SEO strategies. Whether you already have a store or are planning to start one, implementing SEO techniques is the key. Check our some of the most effective ones in our blog.

New Google Analytics (GA4) on the way – what you should know to keep data flowing

You may already be aware that Google Analytics is undergoing a major upgrade. From July 1st, 2023, only GA4 properties will be used to collect data for your website. Google encourages site owners to switch to GA4 tracking IDs for their properties as soon as possible in order to ensure seamless data flow. Learn more about GA4 and how to update your tracking code if you are using Store Master in our blog.

Marketing strategy post pandemic

Marketing opportunities you can leverage now to prepare your business for a post-pandemic world

As a web hosting provider, you have the opportunity of operating in an industry that is helping the world navigate offline uncertainties by transferring business and social life to the realms of the safe, digital ecosystem.Here are some tips that will help you make progress with your marketing efforts and take them to a new, long-term level.

10 ways to win over startup challenges – a checklist for founders

Managing a startup and keeping it afloat is an incomparable task. While founders have the best knowledge and resources to grow a startup, sometimes changing times (for example, a pandemic) takes a toll on them. Here’s a best-practice checklist that could help startup leaders sail through adverse times.

Summer server hosting promotions

The summer kicks in with a host of VPS and semi-dedicated server hosting promotions

In tune with the summer temperatures, we’ve enabled a host of hot server hosting promotions on our platform. Check them out and don’t miss out on these special promo enrollment opportunities!

PDF info brochures on Store Master

A set of PDF info brochures added to the Store Master theme

We’ve got another holiday gift for you: a set of PDF-based product brochures has been added to the Store Master theme. Now prospects can take a quick look at your portfolio. Learn more about this new marketing tool from our blog.

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