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Control the Search engine bots using the robots.txt file

In order to always stay in control, and even control the way search engines look at your site, you need to know more about the robots.txt file.

cPanel reseller tutorials – the AwStats tool part 4

In our last part of the AwStats review, we will take a look at the “keywords” section and why is it so important.

cPanel reseller tutorials – the AwStats tool part 3

Today, we will present you with the third part of our AwStats guide, in which we will turn our attention to the “Connect to site from” section.

Custom reseller plans with no database support

To be more competetive in the web hosting market, a reseller should always have a variety of web hosting plans on offer, to appeal to a wider audiance. But sometimes in the quest for low prices, an importnat feature is forgotten – databases support.

cPanel Reseller Tutorials – include() and require()

Eager to improve your PHP knowledge? Me and Kevin Johnson from the reseller support team have prepared a simple guide into two very useful PHP functions – include() and require().

ResellersPanel is welcoming you to the newly launched BLOG of our website!

The team of ResellersPanel is exceptionally excited to say ‘Hi’ from the new BLOG of our ResellersPanel’s website.

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