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New remote order form now available

New remote order form now availableWe have a brand new remote order form available for our web hosting resellers. You can learn more about it and see it in action in our latest blog post.

New remote domain search form

A new remote domain search form

New Remote Domain Search Form availableWe have a brand new, customizable remote domain search form. You can learn more about it, see how to set it up and how to customize it in our latest blog post.

.COM.AU TLD released today!

.COM.AU TLDStill waiting for that Australian TLD we promised a few months back? Well, wait no more, because .COM.AU is finally here! Check our full post for more information about this newest TLD!

Video Tutorials added in the Web Hosting Control Panel

Today, our web hosting control panel received a much needed improvement! Click on the news title to find out more!

A New European Data Center Available!

The launch of our first European data center proved to be a great success, with a lot of customer choosing it instead of the US data center. And now, we are proud to announce that the launch of a new state-of-the-art datacenter in Swededn. Find out more after the break.

Private Label Reseller – Taking Anonymity To A New Level

Being a reseller of hosting services is all about one thing – guaranteed anonymity. And, as we all know, anonymity is always hard to achieve. ResellersPanel has been in the business long enough to figure out what tools are crucial for reaching anonymity and to develop, redevelop and perfect these tools to a point where they can be used by anyone. In the next following paragraphs, I will guide you on how to quickly personalize your reseller store template or to offer our services with your own website.

For Reseller Novices: Our Answers to Some Of Your Most Frequently Asked Questions

Last week we posted an article on how to quickly kickstart your reseller hosting presence.This article seems to have made an impact on some of you, since we have received a lot of questions on how to further set up the free reseller store(s).Considering your emails in our mailbox, we, at ResellersPanel, decided to compose a very quick FAQ summary of the questions you sent us with their corresponding quick replies from our knowledge database.

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