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How to stay competitive on the unlimited feature-hungry hosting market with our cPanel Program

See how we understand ‘unlimited’ hosting and how you can offer a truly users’ compliant service on this competitive hosting market through our cPanel Program.

New cPanel reseller hosting packages with unlimited space & traffic

Check out the new line of cPanel web hosting packages designed for the unlimited resource-hungry market.

A new Mini cPanel plan for startup businesses

The new Mini cPanel plan is a great spring-board solution for those of you who are now starting in the hosting business using cPanel.

All cPanel packages with doubled disk space quotas from today

We have doubled the disk space quotas of all cPanel hosting packages. A few new cPanel configurations are on the way, so stay tuned!

UK data center available to cPanel hosting resellers

UK data center available to cPanel hosting resellersAll cPanel web hosting resellers can now have a choice of data centers – our US data center or, as of this wheek, in our UK data center. Check the full post for more info.

Domain prices for cPanel hosting resellers going down

Domain Price IncreaseDomain pricing for .COM, .NET, .ORG decrease for cPanel Hosting resellers. Learn more about this price change in our latest blog post.

A domain price increase affects the cPanel hosting resellers

Domain Price IncreaseDomain pricing for .COM, .NET, .ORG increase for cPanel Hosting resellers. Learn more about this price change in our latest blog post.

cPanel reseller tutorials: connecting the WHM with the ClientExec billing software – part 1

In last week’s post, we started covering some of your most frequent questions about the cPanel reseller program, and this week we will continue down this road, showing you how to connect the Web Host Manager (WHM) and the ClientExec billing software.

New Billing Software Introduced For cPanel And Dedicated Accounts

We have good news for all our resellers, using the cPanel reseller program or any of our dedicated servers – we have made an important upgrade of the billing system, introducing a new and more reliable one – the WHMCS

The Free Reseller Program – An Overview

We, at ResellersPanel know how hard it can be to be new to the hosting business and we have always aimed to make things as easier as possible for the new guy. This is why we are starting a weekly series of posts in our blog – guides, explanations, how-to’s which will aim to make your life as a reseller even easier.

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