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Dedicated Hosting Services

VPS servers in AU & UK data centers

You can now sell VPS Hosting services, hosted in Australia and in the UK with a free Hepsia Control Panel.Learn more in our latest blog post.

Why choose CentOS for your VPS/Dedicated Server?

In our latest blog article, we will go through the choice of an OS for a VPS or a Dedicated Server and the difference between the available choices.

Learn how to use SSH

Learn on SSH – see how you can more efficiently manage your VPS or Dedicated Server using the server’s root access and command line.

Protect a server against brute force attacks

This week we focus on online security – learn how to secure your Virtual Private or Dedicated server against brute force attacks with the help of our latest blog post.

Managed Services with VPS Servers (Video)

In our latest video, we present the Managed VPS Services, where our administrators and support team will monitor your server and assist you with difficult issues.

DirectAdmin Control Panel Video

Check our latest video, focused on the DirectAdmin Control Panel. See how you can get this control panel for free with Dedicated or VPS servers.

How to install FFMPEG on a Dedicated Server

You have a brand new Dedicated Server and you need to add video streaming? Have your question answered by our latest blog post – how to install FFMPEG.

How to reduce the SpamAssassin load

Learn how to boost up the speed of your server by edditing the SpamAssassin configuration with the latest dedicated hosting tutorial by ResellersPanel.

How to set up a logging script

Learn how to setup an error-logging script, which can help you troubleshoot server crashesh with our latest dedicated hosting tutorial.

Working with default server logs

Each of our VPS and Dedicated Servers offers a extensive set of deafult system logs, where you can find detailed information for any error that you might run into. Learn how to use them with the latest dedicated hosting reseller tutorial.

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