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13 tips to consider when starting a web hosting business

Want to become a reseller hosting provider? Wondering where to start from? Check out our 13 tips for building a web hosting business from scratch.

13 years

ResellersPanel – the 13-year-old synonym of free reseller hosting – continues its mission

ResellersPanel turned 13! Read more about the history of ResellersPanel in our blog.

Store Master - edit-footer/menu/anguages

Footer & main menu updates to the Store Master theme

We have made some interface improvements to the Store Admin area of Store Master to help you manage your footer, menu and language versions more easily.

Store Master hosting theme

A brand new store building platform with a fully customizable theme released

The new fully responsive, fully customizable and fully SEO-optimized front-end theme – Store Master, is now available to everyone.

New data center tours added to the storefront templates

New data center tours added to the storefront templatesWe have updated all of our storefront templates with new data center tours. Check out full post to find out more about the new data center tours.

New remote domain search form

A new remote domain search form

New Remote Domain Search Form availableWe have a brand new, customizable remote domain search form. You can learn more about it, see how to set it up and how to customize it in our latest blog post.

Website Installer tool available in Hepsia Control Panel

Website Installer tool available in Hepsia Control PanelWe have a great new tool available in the Hepsia Control Panel – the Website Installer. Learn more on this new tool and how to use in our latest blog post.

Change the video language on your reseller template

Change the video language on your reseller templateYou can now change the language for the video on your reseller template from British English to American English. Details in the full post.

Video Tutorials added in the Web Hosting Control Panel

Today, our web hosting control panel received a much needed improvement! Click on the news title to find out more!

For Reseller Novices: Our Answers to Some Of Your Most Frequently Asked Questions

Last week we posted an article on how to quickly kickstart your reseller hosting presence.This article seems to have made an impact on some of you, since we have received a lot of questions on how to further set up the free reseller store(s).Considering your emails in our mailbox, we, at ResellersPanel, decided to compose a very quick FAQ summary of the questions you sent us with their corresponding quick replies from our knowledge database.

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