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ResellersPanel – the 13-year-old synonym of free reseller hosting – continues its mission

13 years ResellersPanel.comIt’s been 13 years since the first free reseller hosting program on the web made its official debut.

Back in 2003, when a few of today’s big players on the market had just started making web hosting an affordable service, two brothers with a big dream stepped in with a desire to do even more – to help spread the word about web hosting to every corner of the world.

13 years later, we have 200,000+ partners from 195 countries, even from distant parts of the world like the Marshall Islands, for example.

We have built up an ever-growing network of partners around the world who give us the courage and motivation to keep investing in resources and platform innovation so as to make our program more valuable and worthy of joining.   

We believe that reseller hosting is more than a regular business.

Being a reseller, you are also an ambassador of web hosting, contributing to the expansion of its global coverage and to the competitive climate within the industry, which in turn helps bring resource prices down and improve service quality on a global scale.

Here is an infographic glimpse of our story so far:

The timeline of ResellersPanel - infographic

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