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Web hosting trends 2023

Web Hosting Trends to Leverage as a Host in 2023

Check out the important web hosting trends that are likely to impact the industry for the second half of 2023 and beyond. See how you can utilize these trends to your benefit as a partner of our reseller hosting platform.

Hepsia PWA app install via Chrome extension

The Hepsia Control Panel now available as an app via a Chrome extension

The Hepsia Control Panel can now be used as a PWA app! It will help ensure a fast, app-like experience with the Hepsia dashboard and engage customers more efficiently.

WordPress Elementor Pro plugin exploit: How to keep your website safe

Тo mitigate potential threats, Elementor Pro users are recommended to update to 3.11.7 or 3.12.0 – the latest version, as soon as possible.

WP-CLI is now supported on our cloud hosting platform

WP-CLI, a command line interface for WordPress is now fully supported on our cloud hosting platform, and on all dedicated servers and virtual servers that use the Hepsia panel.

Domain phishing restrictions

Discontinued support for domain extensions related to phishing activity in trial accounts

As of today, domain extensions that are most often a target of malicious campaigns will no longer be supported in trial web hosting accounts. Find out which domain extensions will be impacted from our blog post.

Browser notifications available in the Hepsia Control Panel

The Hepsia Control Panel can now send browser notifications for time consuming tasks, such as file uploads or archive extracts. Learn more about them in our latest blog post.

New OpenVZ VPS server lineup

We are revamping our OpenVZ server lineup. 5 new servers will launch in two weeks’ time, replacing existing plans.

differences between ceph jbof nvme systems

Our take: key differences between the Ceph and JBOF/NVMe storage systems

Today, we’ll continue the journey to finding the most effective storage solution for our custom-built web hosting platform. You’ll see a detailed comparison between CEPH, the solution that we used to use, and the one we use now – JBOF.

ResellersPanel turns 18!

The 2nd of April has always been special for us at ResellersPanel, as it marks our birthday. Over the years, we’ve shared a lot about how our company grew from a small startup to what we are today. For our 18th birthday, we want to share with you the story of how everything started.

NVMe SSD storage

The NVMe revolution – how we deployed NVMe as a storage solution to optimize performance and overheads (UPDATED)

Today, we’ll share our journey to finding the most cost-effective storage solution for our specific, custom-built web hosting platform. You’ll see how our hands-on experience with mainstream storage solutions has helped us finally go for a storage setup that provides the quality of service your customers seek.

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