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NVMe storage is now enabled across our entire hosting platform

NVMe has completely transformed the storage market, filling in the need for faster workloads in today’s fast-paced business landscape. 

To stay ahead of the curve, we embraced this booming trend a few years ago by incorporating NVMe storage into selected top-tier solutions such as dedicated servers, OpenVZ, and KVM servers. 

Our first-hand experience with various storage systems helped us develop a customized, NVMe-driven storage system to achieve the best possible performance results.

As of today, we are thrilled to announce that NVMe storage is now available across all our services under the Free Reseller Program.

NVMe storage across our hosting platform

Because of its performance and ability to handle a high number of queues and commands, NVMe is suitable for a wide range of data-intensive applications such as graphics editing, dynamic database management, high-performance computing, finance and e-commerce applications, etc. 

Whether you manage a data-centric website or application or not, you have the opportunity to benefit from NVMe’s exceptional capabilities throughout our complete range of web hosting services, including:

Cloud hosting plans

All of our cloud hosting packages include unlimited NVMe storage, allowing both you and your customers to fully leverage our performance-optimized storage system:

Semi-dedicated servers 

Our semi-dedicated server plans also include unlimited NVMe storage, which, when combined with ample CPU and database query quota allocations, provides an excellent solution for advanced shared hosting.

VPS servers

All of our OpenVZ and KVM server configurations include NVMe storage, which ensures optimal performance outcomes.

Dedicated servers

Our most popular dedicated server setups come equipped with NVMe storage to ensure optimal reliability and performance within your server environment.


We have made updates to the storage details of all the previously mentioned servers for both the Store Master template and the WordPress templates.

If you have modified the content (Store Master) or chosen not to receive updates for certain pages (WordPress themes), you will need to manually update this information.

What is NVMe (non-volatile memory express)?

NVMe™ (Non-Volatile Memory Express) is a transfer protocol that accelerates data transfer speed in solid-state storage devices (SSDs). 

The NVMe protocol emerged in 2011 as a substitute for outdated interfaces such as SATA and SAS, which were initially intended for HDDs and therefore offered slower speeds and lower throughput.

The NVMe standard was developed specifically for fast, non-volatile memory media, and it facilitates efficient communication between storage devices and CPUs by utilizing high-speed PCIe lanes.

What are the benefits of NVMe?

The primary benefits of NVMe-based PCIe SSDs in comparison to other forms of storage, such as SATA and SAS, include decreased latency and an increased number of input/output operations per second (IOPS).

This accelerates existing applications that require high performance and boosts real-time workload processing operations.

Here is a quick overview of NVMe’s key advantages:

  • Due to its flash-memory-friendly protocol, NVMe drives can send commands twice as fast as SATA drives, which use the AHCI protocol originally designed for hard drives;
  • NVMe SSDs have a latency of only a few microseconds, while SATA SSDs have a latency between 30 and 100 microseconds;
  • With support for multiple I/O queues and a large number of entries per queue, NVMe allows for the simultaneous execution of multiple I/O requests, optimizing data transfers and reducing CPU overhead;
  • NVMe supports scatter/gather IOs and the ability to prioritize tasks based on workload requirements; this enables applications to efficiently utilize storage media, leading to improved speed and reduced latencies. 

Take a look at our comprehensive, visual comparison of NVMe and SATA SSDs.

Why is NVMe crucial for modern businesses?

NVMe is a crucial technology for enhancing data transfer speeds and overall system performance.

As enterprises grapple with the continuously growing amount of data, the exceptionally low latency and heightened IOPS rates of NVMe render it a superb option for demanding computer-intensive environments.

Additionally, it proves to be ideal for workload-intensive applications that require real-time processing without encountering any bottlenecks.

NVMe technology is significantly influencing businesses and revolutionizing their ability to leverage data, especially in the realm of real-time analytics and emerging technologies.

Offering unparalleled speed and efficiency, NVMe storage is the go-to solution for businesses seeking optimal performance and data storage efficiency.

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Originally published Thursday, June 13th, 2024 at 2:35 pm, updated June 13, 2024 and is filed under Web Hosting Platform, Latest News.

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