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The U.S. data center now has a new owner – ColoHouse

Our partnering data center in the United States, known as Steadfast, has recently undergone a transformation and is now referred to as ColoHouse.

ColoHouse, a prominent global IT platform provider that offers colocation, cloud, and IT services, has carried out the rebranding following its recent acquisition of the company.

What is the new acquisition about?

For more than two decades, Steadfast has established itself as a dependable data center provider in the Midwest region.

Their Chicago facility delivers tailored solutions across various aspects of IT, including architecture, design, management, and infrastructure expansion planning.

According to Paul Blint, the CEO of Colohouse, the acquisition’s purpose is to strengthen an already strong and reliable IT platform across various geographical areas.

In his words, Steadfast brings solid and complete cloud solution offerings to the ColoHouse portfolio. This addition further enhances an already impressive range of cloud services.

Paul Voswinkel, CFO and interim-CEO of Steadfast, adds that “What ColoHouse is building is truly something no other company is doing in our space. The ColoHouse team has the vision to build a company that aligns with Steadfast’s motto, ‘We make IT work, so you can take care of business.”

“ColoHouse is bringing together best in breed digital infrastructure solutions to create a single IT provider that can deliver complete enterprise solutions. The Steadfast team, paired with the ColoHouse group, will be the most talented team in the industry specializing in products across the IT stack.”

Who is ColoHouse? 

ColoHouse is a renowned global data center player that has achieved significant growth through strategic acquisitions and partnerships.

The company’s position in the industry was further strengthened when it was acquired by 1547 Critical Systems Realty and Valterra Partners.

This collaboration has enabled ColoHouse to become a dominant force in the market, offering comprehensive data center and cloud solutions tailored to meet the diverse requirements of its customers.

Will the rebranding of the U.S. data center have any impact on your services?

The only modification that will occur to your store is the renaming of the Steadfast data center to the Colohouse data center.

Considering the statements mentioned above, we expect that this change will lead to various, long-term benefits in terms of performance for all our services.

NOTE: We have implemented procedures to ensure that the data center name is updated throughout our platform, including within the Store Master template and WordPress themes.

For Store Master users – if you have not made any content modifications to the pages that reference the U.S. data center, the update will be implemented automatically; however, if you have made changes to those pages, you will need to manually update the name of the U.S. data center through the Store Master admin area.

For WordPress users – if you have given permission for content updates to your theme, the update will be applied automatically; however, if you have chosen the “Do not update” option in the Pages of the WordPress admin panel, then you will need to manually make the data center rename change.

Originally published Thursday, August 24th, 2023 at 3:35 pm, updated August 25, 2023 and is filed under Web Hosting Platform.

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