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Footer & main menu updates to the Store Master theme

Store Master - edit-footer/menu/anguagesThe Store Master reseller hosting theme continues to be a preferred store design choice among our partners.

With the addition of new store language options (French, Spanish, Portuguese and the most recent Chinese Traditional and Chinese Simplified), streamlining the multi-language management controls has become a necessity.

See what interface changes we have introduced to ease your work in the Store Master Admin Area.

A more streamlined multi-language control interface in the footer area

You can now more easily manage the different language options that are available in the footer area.

First, you will see the Copyright texts. They have been translated into all active store languages. You can easily edit them if you could offer a better version in a given language:

Store Master - edit footer

Further below, you can see the different language versions of the footer titles listed in one place.

Again, you can edit the translations in real time if you want to improve their quality:

Store Master - edit footer titles

Also, apart from the option to re-arrange the menu links and add new ones, you will see which of the available pages have multi-language versions.

If a page is marked with (All), this means that it is available in all active store languages. If a page has (En) at the end, then it is available in English only:

Store Master -  translated/not translated footer links

A more flexible menu management interface

Apart from the multi-language management improvements, we have also made some tweaks to the main menu controls.

In the Organize pages area, you will notice that the two organization tabs have been merged into one:

Store Master - organize pages

Now you can easily re-arrange your main menu tabs through simple drag-and-drop actions, enable/disable specific tabs and manage the submenu options with a click on the Play button on the right.

Also, using the Add Pages button in the bottom area, you can add new pages to your store’s sitemap.

You can quickly select a category in the resulting popup window and see which pages you can currently add to your store:

Store Master - organize menu add-pages

Originally published Thursday, January 21st, 2016 at 5:38 pm, updated January 21, 2016 and is filed under Reseller Hosting Themes.

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