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How to stay competitive on the unlimited feature-hungry hosting market with our cPanel Program

Since its outburst a few years ago, the ‘unlimited’ trend is still dominating the hosting market. There have been countless posts and articles digging deep into the term ‘unlimited’ and proving that no such thing as ‘unlimited’ exists in the cPanel web hosting industry.

Technically speaking, it is true that a server is limited both in terms of disk space and bandwidth. It can only store certain gigabytes of content and handle certain amounts of traffic. So, something that is technically restricted just cannot be ‘unlimited’.

However, the sky is the limit in users’ minds. No matter what level of technical competence they have, a user would always get enthusiastic about just signing up and not having to worry about the resources they use on the server. This is just how a human’s logic works – the more, the better.

And since marketing and psychology are intertwined, putting ‘unlimited’ ideas into customers’ heads seems only natural for the vast majority of hosting providers.

But how do hosts manage to offer ‘unlimited’ resources?

The truth is that they know that most of their clients won’t use anywhere near the amount they think they will. Now psychology is mixed with pragmatism to make the impossible look possible and… ‘unlimited’.

This is why, the ‘unlimited’ trend will dominate users’ minds and hence, the hosting market, for years to come.

But how do hosting providers cope with users who use too much of their ‘unlimited’ quotas?

Most of them put obscure conditions in their terms of service that leave room for the provider to interpret terms such as ‘normal usage’ and ‘excessive usage’ subjectively, which, of course, may result in serious restrictions for the customer in the long run.

So how does ResellersPanel take the ‘unlimited’ service to a realistic level?

What we do on our end is limit the number of hosting accounts that can be managed under one cPanel reseller account, instead of setting restrictions on the users themselves. We know from experience what the maximum number of hosting accounts under one reseller account should be to ensure a well-balanced, hassle-free hosting experience for all users.

However, also from experience we know that there might always be websites with poorly written scripts, or sites that have been compromised, or accounts used only for backup and/or storage purposes, which indeed might spoil the harmony on the server.

To ensure that such sites/accounts do not cause excessive load and do not upset other users on the server, we also set some reasonable limits, which have been clearly specified in our cPanel reseller terms of service.

All in all, with our unlimited cPanel reseller hosting program, you can count on us to provide a well-balanced service with more than enough resources for regular personal and business websites, blogs, community sites, etc. without needing to worry about your customers’ online demands.

Originally published Tuesday, March 25th, 2014 at 6:26 pm, updated March 26, 2014 and is filed under cPanel Reseller Program.


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