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What is new in WordPress 6.4?

What’s new in WordPress 6.4: enhanced workflow, fresh design tools, a brand new default theme, and many more performance improvements

The latest WordPress release includes over 100 enhancements focused on optimizing performance and speeding up websites. Learn more in our blog.

Black Friday Cyber Monday Deals 2023

Get ready for the Black Friday – Cyber Monday weekend: exclusive server deals and proven marketing tactics to boost your sales

We’ve prepared promotions for you to use in your marketing campaigns during the Black Friday Cyber Monday event. Exciting deals will be launched on November 20th to help your brand stand out. These service promotions can secure long-term contracts with customers for monthly services.

Hepsia Control Panel PHP website profiler

Performance monitoring is now possible with the PHP Website Profiler in the Hepsia Control Panel

Now, users can analyze the PHP code on their websites to find out how efficiently they run, identify the elements that could slow down performance, and more with this new tool.

Google Pay and Apple Pay now supported as payment options

We’ve added Google Pay and Apple Pay support to the payment page for partners and end customers. Learn more in our blog post.

PHP 8.3 version enabled for all Hepsia users

PHP 8.3 (RC) now enabled across all Hepsia-based services

Customers on our cloud hosting platform and servers using the Hepsia Control Panel can enable PHP 8.3 on their sites for testing purposes. Learn more in our blog post.

Instant order notifications now sent straight to your reseller inbox

You will now receive instant email notifications about each new order made through your store. Learn more about this new feature in our blog.

Upcoming domain price increase for a number of TLDs

Upcoming domain price increase for a number of TLDs 

We’d like to notify you about an upcoming price increase for various domain name extensions available through our Free Reseller Program. Learn more from our blog post.

Throwaway emails in Hepsia Control Panel

Our platform now supports throwaway emails for extra privacy protection

Our platform now offers the option to use throwaway emails, which are effective in managing unwanted communications and protecting your main email account. Read more in our blog post.

Hepsia Control Panel Statistics widget - 48h stats tab

Hepsia’s Statistics widget now presents data in a more informative way

The Control Panel’s Statistics widget has undergone several updates aimed at improving its user-friendliness. Learn more in our blog post.

The U.S. data center now has a new owner – ColoHouse

Our partnering data center in the United States, known as Steadfast, has recently undergone a transformation and is now referred to as ColoHouse. Learn all about this change in our latest blog post.

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