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Holiday Deals – festive discounts on OVZs and KVMs. A cPanel Reseller super sale!

The winter holidays are key to your success as an online business, and we have what you need to make your sales for the year.

cPanel licenses price increase

For the third year in a row, the people behind the cPanel control panel raise the cost of a cPanel license. This forces us to also raise the prices for the cPanel licenses we offer.

Monthly commission payments

Commission payments for October 2022

Today, we will be sending out all commission payments for October 2022 to resellers that have met their release level.

Browser notifications available in the Hepsia Control Panel

The Hepsia Control Panel can now send browser notifications for time consuming tasks, such as file uploads or archive extracts. Learn more about them in our latest blog post.

Black Friday 2022 promotions

Check out our Black Friday 2022 promotions – more than 50% OFF on select Virtual Private Servers and 6 months of reduced rates for cPanel Reseller plans.

Payment processor change for credit/debit cards

Due to the upcoming sudden closing on WorldPay, we will be moving all credit/debit card processing to Stripe. Learn more about how this change will affect you and your customers.

Price update for .BIZ domains

As of September 1st, .BIZ domains will come with new, higher prices, dictated by a change in price at the registrar level. At the same time, we will not be raising prices for .COM, .XYZ and .CO domain registrations.

Cloudflare integration in the Hepsia Control Panel

Cloudflare integration in the Hepsia Control Panel

As of today, there is native Cloudflare integration in the Hepsia Control Panel. See how to use it in our latest blog post.

New OpenVZ VPS server lineup

We are revamping our OpenVZ server lineup. 5 new servers will launch in two weeks’ time, replacing existing plans.

PorperStatus is now on Telegram

ProperStatus is now on Telegram

Properstatus – our server monitoring platform is now available on Telegram. Learn more in our latest blog post.

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