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.STORE TLD enabled on our reseller platform

.STORE – the perfect namespace for your e-store, has premiered on our platform

One of the newest and most highly anticipated domain extensions – .STORE, has just debuted on our platform. Learn more about the benefits of offering .STORE domains on your store from our blog.


The .ONLINE domain extension debuts on our platform

One of the most sought-after new domain extensions – .ONLINE, has just debuted on our platform! Learn more about the benefits of offering .ONLINE domain names from our blog.

CentralNic accreditation

We are now a CentralNic-accredited registrar! Great nTLD offers are on their way

We’ve entered into a partnership with CentralNic – a back-end registry service provider for some of the most popular new gTLDs on the market, among them .SPACE, and .SITE. Learn more from our blog.

Suhosin support enabled on our platform

The Suhosin security extension now supported on our platform

Suhosin – a popular PHP security extension that effectively protects against potential pitfalls in your application’s code, has been enabled on our platform.

Phalcon hosting

Phalcon has debuted on our hosting platform

Phalcon – the fastest PHP framework on the web, has now been enabled on our platform! Learn more from our blog.

Email in the Domain Manager plan

The Domain Manager plan has been upgraded to include an email service

As per your request, we’ve amplified the Domain Manager plan with an email service so as to make it more marketable and upgradeable. Learn more from our blog.

Let's Encrypt TLS-SNI-01 challenge type exploit

Let’s Encrypt validation exploit detected, no hosted domains affected on our platform

А vulnerability in the Let’s Encrypt validation process has recently been discovered. If your sites are hosted on our platform, the domains associated with them will not be affected by the issue. Learn more about the TLS-SNI-01 shared hosting exploit from our blog.

Activate/deactivate SSL on store

You can now choose to enable/disable SSL certificates on your store

You can now manage your SSL offerings like you manage any other product on your store. Learn more from our post.

2017 in review - ResellersPanel

ResellersPanel’s highlights of 2017

With the New Year fast approaching, here is a review of the initiatives and service improvements that we managed to complete in 2017.

.IE domain registrations

The official ccTLD for Ireland has debuted on our platform! We’re now an .IE-accredited registrar!

We’re pleased to announce that we are now officially an .IE-accredited registrar! Learn more about the .IE ccTLD and why you should enable it on your store.

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