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.NU TLD now cheaper

.NU domain registrations now 40% cheaper

.NU – the long-established TLD alternative to overcrowded namespaces like .COM and .NET, is now 30% cheaper. Learn more from our blog.

Summer server hosting promotions

The summer kicks in with a host of VPS and semi-dedicated server hosting promotions

In tune with the summer temperatures, we’ve enabled a host of hot server hosting promotions on our platform. Check them out and don’t miss out on these special promo enrollment opportunities!

.FR TLD free with hosting

 .FR domains now free with a hosting plan

.FR domains can now be offered for free with a web hosting plan. Also, the registration procedure has been simplified. Learn more from our blog.

.IT free with a hosting plan

.IT domain registrations now free with a hosting plan

As of today, you can offer .IT domain names for free with all hosting packages. Read more about this Italy and IT industry-friendly TLD from our blog.

Stack Clash vulnerability - Linux OS

The Stack Clash vulnerability threatens the Linux world. System patches on the way.

The Stack Clash exploit has put all Linux systems to test this week. Learn more about this vulnerability and the steps we’ve taken to protect your data on our servers.

How to make use of the data backup options on our hosting platform

Data backups are indispensable for any top-quality hosting service. Learn more about the variety of backup options offered on our platform from our post.

E-commerce VPS hosting

VPS – the new hosting choice for e-commerce startups

Learn more about the advantages of hosting your e-store on a VPS in terms of cost and resource utilization from our blog.

.ME domain extension for personal branding

The .ME domain extension now 30% cheaper on our platform

.ME – the perfect domain extension for personal branding, has become 30% cheaper on our platform. Learn more from our blog.

.NO - official ccTLD for Norway

.NO – the official ccTLD for Norway, is now up for registration on our platform

The Norwegian ccTLD – .NO, has debuted on our platform! Learn more about this extension and the specific requirements for registering a .NO domain.

.FI ccTLD domain registration

The .FI domain extension is now live on our platform

We’ve just launched the country-code ccTLD for Finland – .FI, on our platform. Learn more from our blog.

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