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An exclusive promotion on .IE registrations now running across our platform

.IE domain promotion

We are happy to announce a special promotion for .IE domain registrations.

As an IEDR-accredited registrar, we’ve been given the opportunity to offer .IE domains at a really attractive registration price for a decent period of time.

Keep reading for more information on this not-to-be-missed promo campaign for Irish domain names.

What is the new .IE promotion about?

The promo campaign is part of the IEDR’s continuous efforts to expand the .IE namespace reach and to encourage the growth of Ireland’s online community.

That said, all ICANN-accredited registrars have been empowered to offer a great 1st year registration price to their prospects.

So, starting from today, the wholesale price for new .IE domain registrations across our platform will be reduced by a total of 37%.

The promo campaign will be running until 30 November 2019.

The .IE promotion applies to completed new registrations within the promo period.

Renewals and multi-year registrations will be charged the regular fee.

The .IE promotion is available to both you and your customers to take advantage of.

It is a great opportunity for you to offer your Irish customers a great starting point for their new online venture at a really encouraging price.

What is the .IE domain extension good for?

The .IE domain extension has been on the market for almost two decades now.

Over the years it has managed to grow into one of the most secure namespaces online thanks to the consistent, secure-wise policy of its back-end registry – IEDR.

From the very start, the IEDR registry has been following a path of innovation and has been focused on establishing itself as an independent and trusted provider of secure internet services.

One of its primary goals has been the expansion of e-commerce adoption through active involvement and engagement with the SME community.

Also, it has actively been participating in awareness-raising campaigns about the benefits of owning your own Irish namespace over the generic TLD (.COM, new TLDs) choices.

Here are just a few of the key benefits of running an .IE online presence as advocated by the IEDR registry:

  • Guaranteed Irish connection – your site will instantly be branded as purely Irish; this will make you more recognizable and credible across the Irish market;
  • Trustworthiness guaranteed – the .IE domain is universally trusted thanks to the strict domain registration procedure; this will let your customers know that you’re reliable and legitimately connected to Ireland;
  • Guaranteed security – stats data has shown a much lower number of .IE domain-connected cybercrime instances as compared to those with .COM sites, for example;
  • Better search engine score – with an .IE ending, your site will have a better chance of ranking high in local search results thanks to search engines prioritizing ccTLD based sites over generic ones;
  • Much higher availability – your desired domain name will most probably be readily available under .IE in contrast to the overcrowded TLDs such as .COM, etc.;

How to enable the .IE promotion?

You can enroll in the .IE TLD promotions with a click from the Domain Promotions area of your Reseller Control Panel:

Once you’ve enrolled, you will need to allow a few minutes for the promotion to be reflected on your store.

NOTE: To have the new promo prices reflected on your store immediately, you will need to clear your store cache from your Store Master admin area.

If you’ve taken advantage of the “Enable Auto-enroll” option under “Domain Promotions”, the .IE promo campaign will be enabled on your store automatically.

Originally published Friday, September 13th, 2019 at 3:05 pm, updated September 25, 2019 and is filed under Web Hosting Platform, Domain Names.

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