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Our platform now supports throwaway emails for extra privacy protection

Throwaway emails in Hepsia Control Panel

Nowadays, Internet users are constantly bombarded with spam emails offering everything from weight loss solutions that promise miraculous results to questionable loans, tempting travel discounts, adult content. and various forms of advertising.

Over the past few years, there has been a steady rise in the number of spam emails worldwide. At the end of 2022, unsolicited messages accounted for over 45% of the entire email traffic.

Even with advanced anti-spam filters in place, it is still possible for unwanted messages to find their way into the inbox. As time passes, spammers continue to develop new methods to bypass these protective measures.

However, there is one highly effective method for avoiding spam or junk mail from both trusted and untrusted senders – using throwaway email addresses.

What is a throwaway or temporary email address?

Throwaway emails, also referred to as temp mail, temporary mail, or disposable email addresses, are designed to have a short lifespan and to receive one-time or temporary communications. They are usually disposable and can be discarded after their intended use.

Users often employ such alternative email addresses to protect their primary email accounts from spam, phishing attempts, or unwanted newsletters. 

A throwaway mailbox can be seen as an extension to the primary mailbox, which looks like this: (e.g.

An important part of the address is the “+” sign – it signifies that it is a throwaway address.

There is no need for a user to create or manage a throwaway mailbox; they can simply use it in any situation where they are required to provide an email address. 

By doing that, any emails sent to the temporary mailbox will be automatically forwarded to the main inbox. Contrary to expectations, no separate folder will be created for the incoming emails in the throwaway inbox.

Throwaway email works like any other real email address, with some differences:

  • It is not an actual mailbox and does not require a password;
  • It’s just for receiving emails. Sending mail via a throwaway mail service is not an option.

Why use a throwaway email address?

Temporary emails are a great way to keep one’s real email address safe. They act as a barrier between the primary email address and potential spam sources. 

It’s common for websites and online services to require a valid email address to register, access certain features, receive exclusive content, etc. Unfortunately, some of these websites may use the registrants’ email addresses to send unsolicited emails.

By using a throwaway email for online registrations or sign-ups, registrants can ensure that their primary email remains secure and free from unwanted messages and spam.

Nowadays, privacy has become a major worry for everyone. One way to safeguard one’s true identity and personal details is by making use of temporary email addresses.

This can be especially useful when signing up for online services or forums that are not absolutely credible and trustworthy. This allows users to keep their actual email address hidden, ensuring that their personal information remains protected and secure.

Temporary emails can help users keep their primary inbox organized. 

They can segregate temporary communications from important emails, making it easier to manage their correspondence.

Use case scenarios for throwaway emails

Here are some real-world scenarios of how individuals and organizations can benefit from throwaway emails:

  • Online registrations

For those who wish to sign up for a new online service but do not wish to receive spam or marketing emails, a temporary email address can be used as an alternative to their primary email address.

This way, their main inbox remains clean while still allowing them to receive registration confirmations.

  • E-commerce shopping

Online shoppers who don’t like receiving numerous order confirmations and promotional emails from different retailers will also benefit from a throwaway email.

They can opt to use temporary email addresses for every online store where they make purchases. This strategy helps them maintain an organized primary inbox that is free from spam.

  • Forum and social media signups

This feature is also ideal for users who like to participate in discussions on social media sites or internet forums, but do not wish to reveal their main email addresses to potential spammers or people who harass others online.

To secure their privacy, they can use a unique temporary email address for each online community they become a part of. 

By doing so, they can specify which senders are allowed to contact them through these addresses, thereby improving their overall privacy and security measures.

  • Software testing  

Software developers who need to perform quick testing of online processes can also find throwaway emails beneficial.

They are no longer required to generate a dedicated email address solely for testing purposes. Using a throwaway email, they can carry out the necessary tests with no extra effort. 

How to use throwaway email?

A throwaway address can be used instead of the primary email on every external website or service (just like a regular one).

A user simply needs to type it in when asked to provide an email address. A different throwaway mailbox can be assigned to each service used.

For example, if a user needs to sign up for an additional Facebook account, instead of creating a brand new mailbox, they can use a throwaway mailbox like “” (e.g.

They can have as many extra throwaway mailboxes as they want for each mailbox they have with us.

Additionally, a user can set an expiration date for a throwaway mailbox. To do this, they just need to add the desired date in the format “YYYYMMDD” to make sure that the mailbox stops functioning on that specific day.

Example –“” (e.g.

In the example above, any emails sent to the mailbox after the specified date of December 29, 2023, will be discarded.

Where can I find throwaway email in the Control Panel?

The Control Panel does not provide a way to manage throwaway emails. Nevertheless, we have included a new tab in the email section to educate users about this feature and how they can use it to their advantage.


Throwaway email addresses are a valuable tool for managing unwanted communications and safeguarding the primary email account.

By applying appropriate rules and controls after the “+” symbol, users can enhance their email security and organization, ensuring that their primary inbox remains uncluttered and protected.

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Originally published Thursday, September 21st, 2023 at 1:40 pm, updated April 12, 2024 and is filed under Hepsia Control Panel.

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