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2017 kicks off with a basketful of domain promotions

TLD promotions - January

Although it’s only been a few days since we changed our calendars to year 2017, a new cool set of TLD promotions is already a fact.

First of all, we have a super-attractive offer for your new store – .HOST domains now come at a very affordable price.

Also noteworthy are the promo prices for the .ME ccTLD, which is perfect for a personal site, and for the ever more popular .SITE and .SPACE nTLDs.

What are the new TLD promotions about?

We added the option to run TLD promo campaigns to our platform just a year ago, aiming to give you a powerful tool for attracting new customers to your store.

Since then, there have been more than 50 promotions on more than 30 popular country-code TLDs and new gTLDs, all of them attractive enough to magnetize prospects’ eyeballs to your store.

We’re starting the New Year off with yet another valuable set of TLD promotions.

First and foremost, we have for you a special .HOST domain name price.

The Radix-administered TLD, which provides the web hosting industry with its own distinguishing namespace, is expected to soon become the number-one TLD choice for all companies on the market.

.HOST nTLD applications

In the new promo pack, you can also find two country-code domain names:

.ME – the ccTLD delegated to the Republic of Montenegro has quickly become bloggers’ favourite and is now used for all types of sites where one can express their personal views and interests;

.IN – the official ccTLD for India has also established itself as a generic extension thanks to its ability to form attractive site names like and, for example.

TLD promotions for January - table

Other domain extensions on promotion include some of the most popular nTLDs on the market today:

.SPACE – suited for space research portals, this extension also represents a treasure trove for freelancers, entrepreneurs, cause groups and small businesses; Remember, you can also offer the .SPACE TLD for free with a web hosting package;  

.SITE – a great TLD solution for web designers and developers who want to integrate the essence of their business into their site name;

.WEBSITE – the longer version of .SITE offers individuals offering web design/development services a great opportunity to register an easy-to-remember, first-choice domain name that will be recognized worldwide;

.PRO – originally intended for use by certified professionals exclusively, thanks to the official registry’s recently liberalized eligibility policy, this extension is now widely available to all site owners who want to showcase their expertise online;

.PARTY – a dedicated namespace for entities offering party catering, event planning and venue rental services;

.TOP – the best possible domain extension for entities offering solutions of top quality;

TLD promotions are a great marketing tool for drawing prospects to your store.

Here are some possible marketing scenarios where you could benefit from the promotions:

  • A customer registers/transfers a domain name at a discounted price and then gets more domain names at regular prices and orders SSLs for those domains (or for domains hosted elsewhere) from the Domain Manager interface the discounted domain has come with:
  • A customer registers/transfers a domain name at a discounted price and then orders a web hosting plan from the Domain Manager interface the discounted domain has come with;
  • A client gets a discounted domain name with a web hosting package and commits to you from the very start;

How to enable the new TLD promotions on your stores?

You can enroll in any of the new TLD promotions with a click from the Domain Promotions section of your Reseller Control Panel:

TLD promotions for January - how to enroll

 Once you’ve enrolled, you will need to allow a few minutes for the given promotion to be reflected on your web hosting store.

After that, you’ll be able to set your own custom price from the Domain Prices section.

NOTE: Remember, you can enroll in all running and upcoming TLD promotions automatically by using the Auto-enroll button in the Domain Promotions section of the Control Panel.

Originally published Wednesday, January 11th, 2017 at 5:28 pm, updated July 8, 2024 and is filed under Domain Names.

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