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The .SITE nTLD is now open for registration

.SITE nTLD launched for your sites

nTLDs keep breathing fresh air into the domain registration market by offering a host of first-choice site name alternatives to already well-crowded universal TLDs like .COM, .NET, and even the newer .CO and .WS.

Here, at ResellersPanel, we are trying our best to keep your store up to date with the current marketing trends and will keep introducing new cool site name options.

Today, we welcome aboard the growingly popular .SITE domain extension.  

.SITE – some history and facts

The .SITE domain extension was launched less than a year ago by the popular nTLD registry Radix, which is dedicated to transforming the web through meaningful universal domain names like .SITE, .WEBSITE, .SPACE and .ONLINE.

Also, Radix is responsible for more specific TLDs like .HOST, .TECH and .PRESS.

Thanks to its multi-purpose nature, .SITE has seen a steady growth in registrations – almost 94,000 .SITEs have been launched since July, 2015.

Thanks to the growing registration figures, .SITE is ranked #19 in the official nTLD registration chart, slightly behind .SPACE (#17) and .WEBSITE (#14):

.SITE - nTLD stats

Why register .SITE?

.SITE is poised to supply a wide range of relevant web address alternatives to everyone looking to launch a personal or a professional site.

It is almost one-half shorter than .WEBSITE. Plus, it is intuitive, instantly recognizable and easy to remember.

Also, .SITE is a smart way for web designers and developers to ‘plug’ the subject of their business right into their site name.

From YOURNAME.SITE to GETANICE.SITE, this new TLD brings a wealth of opportunity for everyone wishing to secure a more memorable web address.

Registration details about .SITE domains

The .SITE nTLD is open for registration for a period of 1-10 years.

The registration process is quick and simple, with no specific requirements to follow.

.SITE domain names that have been registered with another registrar can be transferred over to us at the same price. An EPP key will be required for the transfer to complete successfully.

How to activate .SITE on your store?

.SITE is enabled by default on all hosting stores. You can find it listed next to its longer version – .WEBSITE:

If you have changed the original TLD order, however, .SITE will be listed at the bottom of the TLD table under Domain Pricing in your Reseller Control Panel.

You can now activate it and choose its best position from a marketing point of view:

.SITE nTLD - set prices from the Reseller Control Panel

Adding .SITE to your store is a great way to diversify your domain portfolio and offer your customers an even wider choice of catchy and globally recognizable alternatives to already overcrowded gTLD namespaces.

NOTE:The .SITE nTLD is currently part of our promo campaign offers. To enable the promo prices for your store, go to the Domain Promotions section of the Domain Manager and enroll in the .SITE 62% OFF promo campaign.  

Originally published Friday, February 12th, 2016 at 5:23 pm, updated June 9, 2016 and is filed under Domain Names.

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