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.FAMILY and .PARTY nTLDs now open for registration

.PARTY nTLD launched on our platformThere is something really special about the new breed of domain name extensions – the so-called nTLDs.

Not only do they offer fresh alternatives to the much-crowded universal TLDs like .COM and .CO – they are here to charge your website with a sense of mission.

We have just added another two nTLDs – .FAMILY and .PARTY, to our reseller hosting platform.

.FAMILY – a new nTLD ‘kid’ on the namespace ‘block’ with a huge potential

The .FAMILY domain extension was launched just a few months ago (at the very start of 2016) with the intention to better incorporate the concept of ‘social intimacy’ into the digital world.

While the word ‘family’ may only evoke associations with the home and the beloved ones, the creators of .FAMILY at the Rightside Registry (who are also in charge of .NEWS and .NINJA) meant to spread the family spirit and the idea of closeness beyond the field of domestic relations out to the social sphere.

This is how the .FAMILY extension became a preferred choice for groups, organizations or businesses wishing to better connect with their members and recruit new ones more easily.

.FAMILY nTLD open for registration

It is a perfect namespace medium for sharing information, photographs, stories and ideas throughout communities.

During the short period this nTLD has been online, about 8000 .FAMILY domain names have been registered and this number keeps growing steadily.

.FAMILY nTLD - registration statistics

The Rightside Registry has compiled a curious table of facts showing the huge market potential of this new nTLD:

.FAMILY nTLD facts

.PARTY – it’s time for sharing fun opportunities

‘Where’s the party tonight?’ – who has not heard this question echoing in their head hectically?

Oftentimes, engulfed in the daily routine, we forget to make our party plans on time and risk missing out on some great fun opportunities.

This is why the Blue Sky Registry, the company behind .PARTY, decided to step in and offered party-goers a prompt and easily recognizable namespace where they could find all the relevant ‘answers for tonight’.

.PARTY nTLD open for registration

Apart from portals offering reliable information about the best parties, venues and concerts in town, the .PARTY extension is also an excellent choice for sites offering birthday party rental and corporate event management services.

During the 12 months it has been online, .PARTY has accounted for almost 200,000 domain registrations and this number keeps growing every day.

.PARTY nTLD - registration statistics

Who can register .FAMILY and .PARTY domains?

.PARTY and .FAMILY are open for registration to anyone for a period of 1-10 years.

The registration process is quick and simple, with no specific requirements to follow.

If registered with another registrar, the TLDs can be transferred over to us for the same cost. An EPP key is required for the transfer to be completed successfully.

How to activate .FAMILY and .PARTY on your store?

.FAMILY and .PARTY are enabled by default for your store. If you haven’t made changes to the list of TLDs in your Reseller Control Panel, the new nTLDs will be listed next to .NINJA and .CLUB, accordingly.

If you have changed the original order of TLDs, however, the new nTLDs will be listed as inactive options at the bottom of the TLD table under Domain Pricing:

.FAMILY and .PARTY nTLDs - enable from Control Panel


The .PARTY extension is now also available at a promotional price (85% OFF the original price for 1-year registrations):

..PARTY nTLD - promotion campaign

You can enable it from the Domain Promotions section of your Reseller Control Panel.

Well, it’s just about time to get the .PARTY started and invite your customers to join and share the emotion, isn’t it?


Originally published Friday, May 13th, 2016 at 5:21 pm, updated June 9, 2016 and is filed under Domain Names.

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