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The ease of starting your own hosting business with ResellersPanel

Free Reseller Program - benefitsReseller hosting has been around for more than a decade now, with plenty of companies offering you sure-fire ways to build your own company and start offering web hosting services to your own customer base.

While the majority of reseller hosting providers offer a proven formula for success, starting your own store with them will require service prepayment. Plus, you’ll have to possess good administrative knowledge and to take care of the customer support provision.

With a mission to offer a lightweight formula for starting a hosting business from scratch, we, at ResellersPanel, created the Free Reseller Program, which will free you from the financial and time investments required by the regular reseller hosting programs.

What are the major challenges associated with the regular reseller hosting programs?

Pre-payments are required as a rule of thumb 

In general, the regular reseller hosting programs are operating on a pre-paid basis, i.e. you are expected to pay upfront deposits just to get started.

You get an account with a provider and they give you a certain allocation of resources, which you then split into smaller ‘digestible’ packages.

You have to keep paying your provider each month, no matter if you make a sale or not.

What if you are not prepared to invest that much money each month for your ‘supplies’?

You have to take care of service & billing administration

As a paid hosting reseller, you are required to be experienced enough to know how to set things up.

With this reseller hosting model, you take full care of your business setup – from services configuration to store administration and billing management.The whole product-store-customer management cycle lies in your hands.

What if you are not experienced enough to handle all these tasks?

Customer support is your responsibility

Apart from service and store management, you also need to take care of your customers’ needs – both pre-sale and technical.

This means that you have to be available to your customers 24/7/365 or to pay extra for a 3rd-party support service.

What if you are not well-versed in technical specificities and don’t have extra money to outsource a support service?

How does our Free Reseller Program tackle those challenges?

To overcome these major shortcomings, we, at ResellersPanel, created a money- and time-saving platform – the Free Reseller Program.

Unlike with most reseller hosting programs on the web:

  • you don’t need to make any deposits at signup
  • you don’t need to be an admin guru
  • you’ll get comprehensive technical support from us 24/7

Why you won’t pay anything in advance?

Our program breaks the mold of the standard buy-and-resell formula by offering a fully automated system for collecting payments and cashing the profit you make.

Once you’ve set up your prices, you can start selling. We’ll charge your customers directly and will send you the difference between your retail price and the wholesale price as a profit.

Free Reseller Program - no deposits

There are no deposits to make, no recurring charges to pay and no merchant accounts to configure whatsoever.

It’s really that simple and easy!

How come you don’t need to be a computer geek to start up with us?

We’ve developed an all-in-one reseller hosting interface – the Reseller Control Panel, which is aimed at putting all store management tasks (store setup, price definition, service administration, etc.) in one place.

Free Reseller Program - no technical skills required

You can do all that from an easy point-and-click interface.

There are no separate login credentials to remember and no tedious configurations to make.

Just select the web hosting packages and domain names you want to offer with a click of the mouse.

Free Reseller Program - select services

You’ll be able to offer an extensive variety of hosting services to your customers under your own brand name.

These include shared hosting packages, Virtual Private Servers, semi-dedicated and dedicated servers, as well as more than 70 domain extensions.

The reseller hosting interface offers integration with the admin area of the Store Master theme, from where you can fully customize the look and feel of your storefront:

Free Reseller Program - hosting store theme

How do we support your customers?

With most reseller hosting platforms, customer support will be your own responsibility, just like billing and service administration.

However, while setting up a merchant account or configuring web hosting packages may not be that time-consuming in the long run, customer support is something that needs your care and attention all the time.

Besides making things more user-friendly, we’ll also back up your hosting business with complete service support.

Free Reseller Program - customer support

We offer specialized support channels that can easily be accessed.

You can reach us via our ticketing system and by email 24/7/365, and by phone and via live chat during business hours.

Also, we have a specialized reseller support team, which will help you with store and customer management whenever you need.

Here is a video wrap-up, which covers the key aspects of our reseller program in an even more visual manner: 

If you haven’t tried our Free Reseller Program yet, you can now easily become a hosting reseller for free and see for yourself what running a web hosting business with a minimum investment of money, efforts and time is like. 

Originally published Friday, May 20th, 2016 at 4:16 pm, updated June 9, 2016 and is filed under The Free Reseller Program.

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