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OpenVZ VPS packages with pumped-up resource quotas

OpenVZ resource upgradesJust a few days prior to launching the new line of KVM-driven Virtual Private Servers, we re-evaluated our OpenVZ VPS packages and gave them a serious resource uplift so that they could match the now-higher market demands and remain competitive.

We scaled up the RAM, SSD storage and traffic quotas of most packages and made a cost recalculation of the mid-priced plans, all to your and your customers’ benefit.

What are the new resource quotas like?

After a careful resource analysis of the latest virtual hosting market trends, we decided to make a number of configuration tweaks to our OpenVZ VPS plans in order to reach a much more competitive balance between server resources and price.

Here is an overview of the new quota amplifications:

Guaranteed RAM – the most valuable resource for closing a sale. All OpenVZ VPS packages, with the exception of the first one, have received a RAM resource uplift.

As you can see in the table below, the idea is to reach a smooth RAM allocation gradation whereby each next VPS setup offers one extra GB of RAM.  

The size of the RAM resource upgrade varies between 25-40% (with packages 1-5) and 50% (with the more powerful setups).OpenVZ plan upgrades - tableSSD storage – the disk capacity of each VPS setup has also been re-evaluated. As a result, all 10 OpenVZ VPS packages now offer much larger data storage allocations. Here, the size of the upgrade varies between 20% (with the most basic setup) and 50% (with the more powerful plans).

Monthly traffic – the traffic quotas boast the largest uplift rates (between 60% and 77%) to reflect the growing traffic demands on the market. Here, the upgrade concerns all plans from OVZ Box 3 to OVZ Box 10. Now each of the aforementioned plans offers 1-2 TBs of traffic atop the respective amount offered by the preceding package.

Apart from the quota upgrade, we’ve also reduced the prices for 6 of the packages, rounding them down to the nearest integer, so as to give you an easier reference scale for your price strategy.

Will the new quotas be updated across the whole network?

The newly updated quotas will be valid for the OpenVZ VPS packages in all our 5 data centers – SteadFast in Chicago, USA; Pulsant in London, UK; Ficolo in Pori, Finland; TelePoint in Sofia, Bulgaria; and SIS Group in Sydney, Australia.

NOTE: Please be advised that, due to the higher bandwidth prices in Australia, all OpenVZ VPS packages in the Australian data center offer 2-Mbps bandwidth quotas.

Will the new quotas be valid for existing users?

All new and existing customers will be able to make use of the newly scaled-up resource allocations.

Existing customers will not need to renew their monthly subscription in order to get the new quotas.

The newly upgraded OpenVZ packages represent a great resource for refreshing your VPS marketing campaigns, laying the ground for the coming of the new resource-rich KVM virtual server plans.


Originally published Friday, February 5th, 2016 at 5:59 pm, updated February 5, 2016 and is filed under Virtual Private Servers.

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