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.HOST domains 77% cheaper till the end of 2016

.HOST domain name promotionThe most straight-to-the-point web hosting industry-related top-level domain name – .HOST, in now available for registration at a very consideration-worthy price.

Starting today, you will be able to leverage this killer nTLD at a really attractive price and give your store an instantly recognizable industry extension.

The 40%-OFF offer is valid until the end of 2016, so hurry up and grab your preferred .HOST domain now before it’s too late.

What is .HOST about?

We added the .HOST nTLD to our platform last year to help you, our partners, get the perfect industry-related domain extension for your reseller hosting stores.

The domain is managed by Radix – Asia’s largest nTLD registry, which is also in charge of other, more generic new extensions like .SITE, .WEBSITE and .SPACE.

Since its official debut in September 2014, the .HOST nTLD has accounted for almost 26,000 registrations.

.HOST nTLD - registration statistics

In the meantime, 46% of all registered .HOST domain names are parked, i.e. companies have reserved them for a later use in order to secure an attractive store name with this extension before anyone else does.

Why register .HOST domains?

According to Radix, the main mission of .HOST is to provide a unique and differentiated namespace for the web hosting industry.

The Radix registry has also expressed its ambition to make .HOST the number-one TLD choice for web hosting companies and the go-to source for everything related to web hosting.

.HOST nTLD applications

The .HOST extension offers hosting resellers a strong value proposition, which can be broken down into a few key pillars:

Instant Recognition – the .HOST extension on a store speaks clearly about its purpose and can significantly increase its brand awareness;

Improved Brand Credibility – the .HOST extension clearly indicates that you are a part of the global hosting industry, which automatically lends credibility to your brand;

Improved Search Rankings: the .HOST extension guarantees you a better visibility in industry-related search results, which will help you boost your rankings over time;

What is the .HOST promotion about?

Due to its specific nature, .HOST is generally offered at a relatively higher price as compared to other, more generic nTLDs like .COMPANY and .DEALS.

Thanks to the new promo campaign, you will be able to take full advantage of the brand-boosting capabilities of the .HOST nTLD at a very affordable price.

As of today, .HOST is on sale for 77% off the original price:

.HOST nTLD -  promotion details

You can make use of the promotion by enrolling in the new .HOST promotion from the TLD promotions area of your Reseller Control Panel:

.HOST nTDL- enroll in promotion

NOTE: the promo price is valid for 1-year domain registrations only. If you want to transfer a .HOST domain over to us, the regular price will apply.

The signature TLD for the hosting industry is on promotion until 31 December 2016, so grab this unique chance to harmonize your store name with the nature of your business and establish a recognizable brand identity on this competitive market.

Originally published Thursday, July 28th, 2016 at 3:27 pm, updated July 28, 2016 and is filed under Domain Names.

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