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.FR TLD free with hosting

 .FR domains now free with a hosting plan

.FR domains can now be offered for free with a web hosting plan. Also, the registration procedure has been simplified. Learn more from our blog.

.IT free with a hosting plan

.IT domain registrations now free with a hosting plan

As of today, you can offer .IT domain names for free with all hosting packages. Read more about this Italy and IT industry-friendly TLD from our blog.

.ME domain extension for personal branding

The .ME domain extension now 30% cheaper on our platform

.ME – the perfect domain extension for personal branding, has become 30% cheaper on our platform. Learn more from our blog.

.NO - official ccTLD for Norway

.NO – the official ccTLD for Norway, is now up for registration on our platform

The Norwegian ccTLD – .NO, has debuted on our platform! Learn more about this extension and the specific requirements for registering a .NO domain.

.SE domain name registrations now cheaper

The .SE domain extension now 65% cheaper. New registration rules in force.

.SE domain names are now 65% cheaper on our platform. Plus, new requirements have been added to the domain registration procedure. Learn more from our blog.

.PRO TLD open for registration to everyone

.PRO domains now widely open for registration

The long-restricted .PRO domain is now open for registration to all professionals or serious hobbyists worldwide. The registration price has dropped too. Learn more from our blog.

.DEALS nTLD open for registration

The .DEALS nTLD now open for registration and transfer

You can now offer one of the most popular commercial nTLDs on your hosting store. Learn more about .DEALS from out blog.


.COMPANY now open for registration and transfer

One of the newest namespaces for businesses has just been introduced to our platform as well. Learn more about .COMPANY from our blog.

.TOP nTLD added to your portfolio

The .TOP nTLD now added to your portfolio

Another nTLD – .TOP, has been added to your domain portfolio. Learn more about the specifics of this TLD and how you can offer it to your customers from our blog post.


.NEWS has also joined the nTLDs on your store

.NEWS has just been added to your domain portfolio to help you address professional journalists, news industry companies and bloggers needing to add a ‘NEWSworthy’ feel to their online presence.

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