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The .DEALS nTLD now open for registration and transfer

.DEALS nTLD open for registrationThe introduction of nTLDs brought forth segmentation of the domain market and provided site owners wishing to emphasize their brand or cause with a much-needed choice.

In the field of e-commerce, site owners now have great fresh alternatives to already ‘crowded’ TLDs, thanks to .SOLUTIONS and .SERVICES, which were introduced on our platform a few weeks ago.

Now we bring on board .DEALS – a great domain extension for all types of e-commerce stores or special promo campaigns.

.DEALS – some history and facts

.DEALS was introduced to registrants in September 2014 by the USA-based Donuts registry. It is also responsible for .COMPANY, which has been recently launched on our platform, as well as for a wide range of other online marketing-friendly TLDs, including .COUPON, .CHEAP, .DISCOUNT and .GRATIS, to name a few.

Although it has only been around for a year, .DEALS currently boasts an impressive registrant base and lies at the heart of almost 9 000 registered domain names:

.DEALS nTLD - registration statistics

In the official nTLD chart, .DEALS sits right next to .FASHION and .WORKS:

.DEALS nTLD - position in the official nTLD stats

Why register .DEALS?

In the online business-to-consumer environment, the word ‘deals’ instantly rings the ‘best value’ bell for visitors who are in a ‘ready-to-buy’ frame of mind. And who doesn’t like to hit the best bargain of the day?!

This is what .DEALS was launched for in the first place – namely to help store owners give immediate signals to prospects that their offers are worth considering, before they even get to open their sites.

.DEALS nTLD applications

This nTLD is perfect for companies specialized in offering daily promotions or low-cost services and solutions around the clock.

Also, it is a great fit for businesses wishing to run special marketing campaigns on a regular basis, in parallel with their main store campaigns.

With a .DEALS domain, you will have the halo of a true dealer who is ‘here to stay’ in the ‘best value for your money’ niche.

For you as a hosting reseller who is able to offer attractive services and prices all the time, the .DEALS extension would be a great choice – you can use it for your main online store, as well as for any parallel promo campaigns.

How to activate the .DEALS domain extension on your store?

.DEALS is enabled by default for your store. If you haven’t made changes to the list of TLDs in your Reseller Control Panel, the new TLD will be listed next to .SERVICES:


If you have changed the original order of TLDs, however, the new nTLD will be listed as an inactive option at the bottom of the TLD table under Domain Pricing:


You can now enable it and then set its best position in harmony with your marketing vision.


Originally published Friday, November 13th, 2015 at 10:20 am, updated June 9, 2016 and is filed under Domain Names.

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