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.SOLUTIONS and .SERVICES now open for registration

.services and .solutions now open for registration

Two new professional-level domain name extensions have been added to the list of TLD options for your reseller hosting store.

.SOLUTIONS and .SERVICES, which are now open for registration, can help make the name of your store more customer-centric, memorable and complete.

The TLDs are young, so you have a great chance to grab a powerful store name at the best market prices. The TLDs are also open for sale to your customers.

Why register .SOLUTIONS or .SERVICES for your store?

These two recently launched TLDs provide a dedicated namespace to companies and individuals offering professional services.

Being a provider of web hosting services yourself, you are offering your customers an array of solutions for their ever-growing security, performance and uptime requirements.

Any of these TLDs will help integrate the main purpose of your business – to serve your customers, into your site name and cement your reputation as a provider that caters to customers’ needs.

This way, as soon as a potential customer sees your site name, they will know that you are offering reliable and trustworthy services/solutions.

Apart from their key hosting store potential, these TLDs also represent a great selling point for those target customers of yours who are themselves offering services/solutions.

Here are the main benefits of .SOLUTIONS and .SERVICES, which you could use to appeal to your customers:

About .SOLUTIONS top-level domains

This TLD was launched just a few months ago, but has already gained lots of interest due to its clear message and the wide spectrum of websites that can fall under this category.

You can now offer .SOLUTIONS to your own customers and let them register memorable domain names using this TLD.

Here is a list of the entities that could leverage on .SOLUTIONS:

  • consulting companies that want to increase the visibility of their business
  • businesses whose brand names contain the word ‘Solutions’ and thus bear direct reference to their very purpose
  • DIY/how-to blogs
  • educational sites offering video tutorials and other informative content
  • FAQ and help center sites

About .SERVICES top-level domains

Just like .SOLUTIONS, .SERVICES is a new TLD with a huge potential. It could be a top choice for a large number of domain owners – individuals, groups or organizations, offering various services all over the world.

Here is a list of the entities that could benefit from .SERVICES:

  • businesses offering hospitality, consulting, financial, real estate, repair, etc. services
  • businesses whose brand names contain the word ‘Services’ and thus bear direct reference to their very purpose

Registration details for .SOLUTIONS & .SERVICES

There are no .SOLUTIONS/.SERVICES domain name registration restrictions, so any of you can register them for your store(s), or for any other types of sites, for that matter.

Both TLDs can be registered for a period of 1-10 years.

.services and .solutions - registration period

They support domain transfers (an EPP key is required) and Whois information modifications. A Whois protection option is supported too.

How to offer .SOLUTIONS and/or .SERVICES on your store?

.SOLUTIONS and .SERVICES are enabled by default for your store. If you haven’t made adjustments to the list of TLDs in your Reseller Control Panel, the two new TLDs will be listed next to .PRO.

.solutions and .services - domain search

If you have made changes to the original order of TLDs, however, the two new TLDs will be listed as inactive options at the bottom of the TLD table under Domain Pricing. You can now go ahead and enable them and then choose their best position from a marketing point of view.

.services and .solutions - how to enable TLDs

.SOLUTIONS and .SERVICES are a natural choice for your client-centric web hosting business. If you haven’t registered a domain for your store yet, now is the time to jump in and build a memorable online presence.

Originally published Friday, July 24th, 2015 at 4:06 pm, updated July 8, 2024 and is filed under Domain Names.

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