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Latest updates to the Store Master theme – drop-down menus and glossary pages

Store Master drop-down menu

It has already been half a year since the Store Master theme was launched and for that time, we have released a few important content and layout updates such as a competition comparison page, an organize pages section, as well as a few new chunks of text for search-engine optimized content refreshment.   

Today we’ve added another two major updates to the Store Master theme – drop down menus in various designs to ease store navigation and brand new Glossary pages to introduce clients into to the basics of website hosting and management.

Drop-down menus in various designs

From today, customers will be able to navigate faster through your web hosting store using quick drop-down menus.

In the Admin Area of Store Master, you can select between the Classic and the new drop-down sub-menu type:

Store Master drop-down menu - select submenu type

Also, you can choose the way in which the separate sub-menu items will be displayed on hover.

You can choose between the following options:

1) Rectangular sub-menu items:

Store Master drop-down menu - option 1

2) Sub-menu items with rounded corners:

Store Master drop-down menu - option 2

3) Sub-menu items with fading borders:

Store Master drop-down menu - option 3

4) Thick-bordered sub-menu items with a one-color hover effect:

Store Master drop-down menu - option 4

5) Sub-menu items surrounded by a large padding:

Store Master drop-down menu - option 5

6) Sub-menu items featuring icons next to each sub-menu title:

Store Master drop-down menu- option 6

To select a drop-down pattern for your store, click on the desired one and then hit the Save button.

New glossary pages will educate users

From now on, users will be able to delve into the basics of website hosting and management thanks to the newly added glossary pages.

They are naturally integrated into the price comparison page as an ‘extension’ to the existing tooltips. While browsing through the list of features, clients can easily look up a term they are not familiar with by just clicking on it.

They will be taken to a page, which discusses in detail the feature they want to learn more about. 

Also, there is a new Glossary section from where customers will be able to access the separate glossary pages:

Store Master - web hosting glossary

Remember you can edit the generated unique texts for your glossary pages from the Admin Area of Store Master.

These layout and content updates will breathe new life into your Store Master-based hosting store, giving your customers an easier form of navigation and the search engines – more unique store content to be indexed.

We’ll keep you posted on all upcoming updates to the Store Master theme.

Originally published Wednesday, July 15th, 2015 at 3:15 pm, updated July 8, 2024 and is filed under Reseller Hosting Themes.

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