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The .SE domain extension now 65% cheaper. New registration rules in force.

.SE domain name registrations now cheaper

Introduced more than 7 years ago on our platform, the .SE TLD has been the top choice for individuals and businesses based in Sweden.

In an effort to make the extension more affordable to registrants, we’ve entered into a partnership that allows us to offer the .SE country-code TLD at a significant discount for good.

Check out our blog post to learn more about the new pricing and the new .SE registration rules that come into effect today.

.SE – history and facts

The first .SE domain name was registered back in 1986 by Björn Eriksen of Enea Data – a Sweden-based global information technology company that provides real-time operating systems and consulting services. At that time the domain registration process was sponsored by the Swedish University Network (SUNET).

Björn Eriksen took an active part in popularizing .SE among Swedish telecoms.

Finally, in 1995, the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority (PTS) and the Swedish Standards Institute (SIS) joined efforts to develop a policy that covers the distribution of domain names in Sweden.

Two years later, the rules for the allocation of .SE domains were standardized and a new organizational structure was initiated.

As a result of .SE’s fast growth, the Internet Infrastructure Foundation (IIS) was formed in 1997 to manage .SE and to oversee the development of Sweden’s Internet infrastructure as a whole.

The foundation created the subsidiary company NIC-SE whose purpose was to handle the technical operation and administration of the .SE Top-Level Domain.

In 2006, the so-called ‘Act on National Top-Level Domains for Sweden on the Internet’ (2006:24) was passed to regulate the .SE domain registration process.

The act designated PTS as an official authority. Eventually, the foundation and its subsidiary were merged into a single organization.

In 2009, a new business model was established, allowing registrants to enter into a contract with an accredited registrar instead of being customers of the IIS foundation exclusively.

Today, the .SE TLD is the preferred choice for entities doing business in Sweden.

On its site, the IIS has displayed illustrative statistics on the registration tendencies, which show that most of the sites registered under .SE are content-driven mainly. These include news portals, blogs, community portals, etc.  

.SE statistics - site content

The IIS has found out that most entities prefer to “keep it short and simple” and most often choose domain names with 8-10 characters.

.SE statistics - domain length

Interestingly, even though .SE domain names are open for Swedish entities only, statistics show that a significant percentage of Sweden-related sites are actually hosted in Danish data centers.

.SE statistics - site location

This can easily be explained by the fact that Sweden and Denmark have a close economic relationship.

.SE – registration details and requirements

Prior to April 2003, the .SE registration rules were highly restrictive. Only Sweden-based companies, associations and authorities were allowed to register a .SE domain, and it had to bear resemblance to the very name of the given registrant entity.

Many if those who could not register a domain directly under .SE, picked .COM or .NU instead.

In 2003, the eligibility rules were liberalized and since then any entity or person has been able to register any number of domains, albeit subject to a few restrictions.

This change had an immediate impact on the number of newly registered .SE domains, which started to plummet.

.SE statistics - registration volumes

Individuals were able to register whatever .SE domain, as long as it’s not blocked or in the Reserved list.  

Meanwhile, the domain name allocation rules were changed. The domains themselves were made available on a first-come, first-served basis. Simpler dispute resolution rules were created as well.

Also, the .SE registry started accepting registrations of IDNs containing the letters å, ä, ö, ü and é.

It is important to note that .SE is the first TLD to offer DNSSEC support. It does so via OpenDNSSEC.

Up-to-date requirements for registering .SE domains:

Today, .SE is open for registration to all entities, which are doing business in Sweden or are anyhow related to the country.

Depending on whether the registrant is an individual or a company/organization, there are different requirements to consider.

Individuals will need to supply the following information when registering a .SE domain:

  • National ID Card or Passport Number for the Registrant Contact
  • National ID Card or Passport Number for the Administrative Contact
  • National ID Card or Passport Number for the Technical Contact

Companies or organizations in turn will be asked to submit the following information when registering a .SE domain:

  • Company Registration Number for the Registrant Contact;
  • Company EU VAT Number for the Registrant Contact;
  • Company Registration Number for the Administrative Contact;
  • Company EU VAT Number for the Administrative Contact;
  • Company Registration Number for the Technical Contact;
  • Company EU VAT Number for the Technical Contact;

How will the new .SE cost affect your pricing?

Thanks to our new partnership, now we can offer you a much lower wholesale price, which will help you maintain really competitive prices for your prospects from Sweden and Scandinavia.

Due to the massive 65% price drop, we have updated the prices set by both our new and existing partners to the new retail levels.

To finetune your retail price to meet the desired profit margin, just go to your Reseller Control Panel and edit the current default retail price:

.SE domains - èdit prices

How to enable .SE on your store?

If you do not offer .SE domains on your store, you can enable the extension with a click from My Offers -> Domain Offers.

.SE domains - enable on store

Why offer .SE domains on your store?

Sweden is the third largest country in the European Union and the seventh wealthiest country in the world in terms of GDP per capita and standard of living.

Sweden has an export-oriented economy. Many companies in the engineering, telecommunications, automotive and pharmaceutical industries export their products and services and rely heavily on the World Wide Web to communicate with foreign trade partners.

Swedish trade unions, employees and employers’ associations also need a Sweden-oriented online presence to voice their ideas and platforms.

On top of its thriving economy, the country also boasts extremely high Internet penetration rates. All that makes Sweden a market worth targeting.  

Originally published Friday, April 21st, 2017 at 8:37 pm, updated July 8, 2024 and is filed under Domain Names.

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