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More Hepsia updates – dedicated IPs and SSLs now easier to get

Hepsia upgrades - dedicated IP addresses and SSLsRecently, we made a major visual tweak to the Upgrades table in the Web Hosting Control Panel, which is aimed at keeping your customers informed about their resource usage in real time and at helping them easily upgrade the service they are running short of.

Now we have gone further in making the upgrade services more intuitively accessible to users by putting two key advanced add-ons – dedicated IPs and SSL certificates, right at their fingertips.

The Dedicated IP Addresses section now accessible to all users

Until now, the Dedicated IP Addresses section of the Web Hosting Control Panel has only been visible to customers who have a dedicated IP included in their package or have obtained one from the Upgrades section.

Now the Dedicated IP Addresses section is accessible to all users – no matter whether they have a dedicated IP address or not. If the user does not have a dedicated IP, they will see an ‘Order Dedicated IP’ button in the top right corner, through which they can instantly buy a unique IP address:

Hepsia upgrades - Dedicated IP addresses

If the user already has a dedicated IP, they will see the ‘Request IP Address’ button, as it has been so far.

Dedicated IP addresses now much easier to get from the Hosted Domains section

Apart from the Dedicated IP Addresses section, the users will also be able to order a new or request an existing dedicated IP address when adding or editing a host from the Hosted Domains section.

IP addresses can be ordered/requested from the ‘Add Host’ and ‘Edit Host’ dialogue boxes, which are accessible via the top right action button and the Gear icon in the table of hosted domains, respectively. The users will now see an ‘Order or Request IP Address’ link in the Dedicated IP Addresses drop-down menu:

Hepsia upgrades - dedicated IPs in Hosted Domains

Whether they need a new IP address or just have to request the one they already have, they will be able to do that in a new modal window and will be then taken back to the dialogue box with the IP address readily filled in.

SSL certificates now much easier to get from the Domain Manager

Just like with dedicated IP addresses, SSL certificates can also be easily requested/ordered from the ‘Add Host’ and ‘Edit Host’ dialogue boxes.

In the SSL Certificates drop-down menu, along with the ‘Request SSL’ and ‘Use Generic SSL’ options, the users will now also see an ‘Get an SSL Certificate’ link:

Hepsia upgrades - SSL certificates in Hosted Domains

Again, the users will be able to complete the SSL request in a new window and will be then prompted back to the Add/Edit Host window to complete the operation. 

The new portion of handy updates to the upgrade services is another step towards making the Control Panel more intuitive and instantly responsive to users’ flexible demands.

We’ll keep making new updates in this direction, so stay tuned. 

Originally published Friday, March 20th, 2015 at 5:45 pm, updated March 20, 2015 and is filed under Hepsia Control Panel.

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