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A new live domain search option in the Control Panel

Live domain search in the Control PanelA super-fast domain search form has been added to the Web Hosting Control Panel to help users quickly register/transfer domain names.

The new search form is located on the left-hand sidebar, right above the newly revamped ‘My Domains’ menu, and can easily be accessed with a click from each section of the Control Panel.

The handy location and the instant domain search results will save users both time and effort finding the domain name(s) they are looking for.

How does the live domain search functionality work?

The live domain search option gives users almost instant access to the domain search results.

The user will be presented with a list of search results just 400 milliseconds after they stop writing in the domain search field:

Live domain search - top 10 TLDs

The domain registration/transfer search results will feature the first 10 TLDs ordered by you in the Domain Offers section of the Reseller Control Panel. However, the search results will not include options for hosting the domains or for buying Whois Protection for them.

If the user enters the TLD of the desired domain in the search field as well, they will only see the search results for that particular domain name:

Live domain search - register/transfer result

NOTE: If the user clicks on the Search button, they will be taken to the standard search box, which will generate the long version of the search results page.

Key benefits of the live domain search form

Much faster than the regular search functionality. Compared to the regular domain search form, the live domain search form is a few times faster, since it lists only 10 TLD results by default and does not include any extra attributes in the search.

Saves users efforts & time. The live search form delivers directly the domain name the user is looking for, so they can freely skip the long regular search form wizard. If, however, the user is not 100% sure about their new domain name, they’d better use the regular domain search form, which will list all TLD alternatives and will also give them extra domain suggestions.

Originally published Thursday, March 26th, 2015 at 6:15 pm, updated March 27, 2015 and is filed under Hepsia Control Panel, Domain Names.

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