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Discontinued support for domain extensions related to phishing activity in trial accounts

Domain phishing restrictions

The trial mode of web hosting accounts is a great marketing instrument for drawing in prospects on the basis of hands-on experience with the service.

However, as the sophistication of cybercriminals continues to expand, this effective tool can sometimes be used as a medium for malicious activities such as phishing/scam attacks that could compromise the stability of our system.

To help limit the occurrence of such malicious events and preserve the quality of our services, we were forced to introduce some restrictions on which domain name extensions can be hosted in trial accounts.

As of today, domain extensions that are most often a target of malicious campaigns will no longer be supported in trial accounts for the afore-stated reasons. Here is a full list of these extensions:

.cf, .click,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, .ga, .gdn,, .gq, .link, .ml,,, .tk,,,

We reserve the right to expand the list of restricted extensions to reflect the ever-changing phishing landscape.

Thanks to a strict phishing report system in place, we are able to identify problematic name zones and take measures to neutralize them in a timely manner.

NOTE: The restriction on phishing-activity-related domain extensions is valid for web hosting accounts in trial mode only. Once an account goes into regular mode, support for the extensions in question will be enabled.

Originally published Tuesday, January 24th, 2023 at 4:37 pm, updated January 25, 2023 and is filed under Web Hosting Platform, Domain Names.

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