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.ORG.AU domain names now available for registration/transfer

.ORG.AU domains now open for registrationAs per customer request, we have just added .ORG.AU – the Australian domain extension for non-profit organizations, to the list of ccTLDs on the domain search form.

The addition of .ORG.AU rounds up the choice of the offered Australian TLDs. Customers can also find .COM.AU – the extension for commercial sites, and .NET.AU – the domain for telecommunication and IT services-related sites.

Why register an .AU domain for your non-profit site?

Over the years, Australians have shown a close bond to the .AU domain extension in its various variations depending on the site’s purpose. Up till now, almost 3 million .AU domain names have been registered, which shows that Australians do prefer to visit sites with a home extension.

At the same time, non-profit organizations are very well interwoven into Australia’s social life, which makes the choice of .ORG.AU for their sites a priority for many of them.

.ORG.AU already serves a host of Australia-based health foundations, health institutes, fundraising sites, national initiatives, etc., and their number keeps growing.

What are the requirements for registering .ORG.AU domains?

.ORG.AU domain names are open for registration to any local or foreign non-profit organization that operates in Australia.

As with .COM.AU and .NET.AU, there are a few local requirements for registering .ORG.AU domains, among them the provision of the name of the non-profit organization and its registration number.

If you or your customers have an .ORG.AU domain name registered somewhere else, you could transfer it over to us. An EPP key will be required to complete the operation.

As per the .AU registry’s regulations, .ORG.AU domain names do not support Whois modifications and are offered at a higher price than the other .AU extensions.

How to activate .ORG.AU domains on your store?

.ORG.AU domains are included by default in the reseller hosting portfolios of those of you who have not edited the TLD listing in the Control Panel so far.

If, however, you have re-ordered the way in which the TLDs are listed, you will find .ORG.AU at the bottom of the TLD table in the My Domain Offers section of the Reseller Control Panel where the non-active domain extensions are located.

Just activate the TLD using the ‘bulb’ icon and it will instantly be added to your domain portfolio.

Here is a hilarious video from the .AU registry illustrating the key benefits of registering an .AU domain name for your Australia-related site:

Originally published Friday, March 27th, 2015 at 4:56 pm, updated June 9, 2016 and is filed under Web Hosting Platform, Domain Names.

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