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SSL certificates section in Control Panel - newly improved

SSL certificates now easier to obtain and manage via the Control Panel

The SSL certificates section of the Control Panel now offers a more simplified and intuitive interface for managing your SSLs. Learn more from our blog.
Let's Encrypt TLS-SNI-01 challenge type exploit

Let’s Encrypt validation exploit detected, no hosted domains affected on our platform

А vulnerability in the Let’s Encrypt validation process has recently been discovered. If your sites are hosted on our platform, the domains associated with them will not be affected by the issue. Learn more about the TLS-SNI-01 shared hosting exploit from our blog.
Activate/deactivate SSL on store

You can now choose to enable/disable SSL certificates on your store

You can now manage your SSL offerings like you manage any other product on your store. Learn more from our post.
SSL Compliance

Compliance with SSL security standards

We have taken steps to synchronize all security-enhanced instances, which use an SSL certificate, including the Control Panel login page, with the latest standards in SSL communication.
Hepsia upgrades - dedicated IP addresses and SSLs

More Hepsia updates – dedicated IPs and SSLs now easier to get

More Hepsia updates this week – now dedicated IPs and SSLs are more readily available to users. Learn more from our blog.
Shared IPs for SSL on cPanel

SSLs on shared IPs for all cPanel services

Now cPanel users can also install an SSL on their sites by using a shared IP address. This is a great solution for securing a search engine-friendly https site without needing to buy a dedicated IP address beforehand.
Security tools within customer's control

The site security options on our platform that are under customers’ control

Check out the security tools your customers can make use of to tweak the level of protection on their sites according to their particular needs.

Change in the period SSL certificates can be purchased/renewed for

Due to a GeoTrust policy change, as of today, SSL certificates can be purchased or renewed for a period of 4 years.

How to use an SSL certificate

You have an SSL certificate and now you are wondering how to use it with your website? Learn how to do it with our latest blog post.

SSL certificates available for existing customers

The Free Reseller Program recieves it’s next big update – hosting reseller can now also offer SSL certificates to existing web hosting customers. Find out more in our latest blog post

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