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Modified IP allocation policy due to IPv4 address space exhaustion. A new IPv6 network is underway.

In view of the nearing exhaustion of the public IPv4 address space, we have modified our IP allocation policy. Learn more about the new IP address quotas for the VPS and dedicated servers and about our plans to introduce full IPv6 support to our network from our latest blog post.
Hepsia upgrades - dedicated IP addresses and SSLs

More Hepsia updates – dedicated IPs and SSLs now easier to get

More Hepsia updates this week – now dedicated IPs and SSLs are more readily available to users. Learn more from our blog.
Reverse DNS Records

An option to add a PTR record enabled for dedicated IPs

Now you can set a PTR record for a dedicated IP address and make your domains resolve in both directions. This option is available in the Domain Manager section of the Control Panel. Learn more about reverse DNS lookups in our blog:

A Free Dedicated IP with the Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise Shared Web Hosting plan and the Semi-Dedicated 1 & 2 servers now come with a Free Dedicated IP Address. More in our latest post.

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