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cPanel reseller tutorials – create a new mailbox

Email is important. Usually, you would expect me to go around telling you exactly why email is important in this intro part of my blog posts, but I believe that we all know what we can do with emails and how much we use them in our lives. So, straight to the point this time – Vince of our support team, dedicated to the cPanel Reseller Program, is here to show you how to create an email address in the cPanel control panel and, later on, what are email forwarders, aliases and autoresponders, and how to use them.

But first, we will start with the basics – creating the actual email address.

This video is also available in high quality.

The first step is to log into the cPanel control panel. It’s one of the most popular control panels online, so getting to know it is really easy.

To log in, enter into your browser’s navigation bar. This will open a pop-up, asking you for your username and password. Usually, the username resembles your domain name so it will be easy for you to remember it.

Once inside the cPanel control panel, you can take a look at the icon setup. You will see that the developers behind the cPanel team also know that email is important, so they have placed the email menu on top.

Note: The look and feel of the cPanel control panel strongly depends on the chosen skin. Different skins have different menu arrangements, while the functionality stays the same. In this tutorial, we will be working with the X3, since it just looks better than the X skin.

With the X3, the mail menu by default is the second menu, right after Preferences. You are, however, free to arrange the menus in this skin the way you want them.

To create a new mail box, click on the “Email Accounts” menu. This will lead you to the mail accounts managing section. This is the place, from where you can both create and manage already created email accounts. Creating the new email account is very simple – simply fill in the necessary forms

1.Email: – Enter the prefix for your email E.g. ‘john.smith’

2.@: – This is where you select what domain you want to use. If you have one domain only then you won’t need to click this.

3. Password: – Enter the password that you want to use for this account. You can also use the “Generate Password” button next to the password form, which will automatically create a password for you. Have in mind that the password is randomly generated, and although it is secure, it can be hard to remember

4. Mailbox quota: – Enter the total amount of megabytes that you want the mail account to have. If you ignore this field, the default value will be used.

5. Click Create – this will create your new mail account. You can start using it right after that, you won’t have to wait even a minute before you can send your first email message.

To access your newly created email account, you can use the webmail clients, located at the following address : or For username you will have to use the complete mail address, ex: If you prefer to check your email with a mail client, you can use the guide Chris made, for setting up your mail client with your cPanel mailbox.

We have more email tutorial stuff coming for you, so don’t forget to check our blog frequently.


Originally published Friday, June 12th, 2009 at 3:17 pm, updated July 5, 2024 and is filed under cPanel Support.

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