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ResellersPanel 2019 in review

ResellersPanel’s 2019 in review

Check out our quick overview of the achievements and challenges of last year and learn about the features, upgrades and improvements that will see the light of day in 2020.

cPanel price hike crisis: time for the web hosting industry to take a new direction

The recent, sudden change to cPanel’s licensing model and pricing has turned the spotlight on the web hosting providers’ heavy dependence on single big players. Is this the beginning of a new era for the industry where universal, off-the-shelf solutions will give way to more innovative and independent ideas?
Check out our reflections on the situation from our own perspective as a web hosting provider.

cPanel price hike

Forthcoming cPanel licence price hike and account-based pricing. What comes next?

cPanel is introducing a massive license price increase along with a per-account billing model which is going to hit hosting providers hard. While evaluating our business models to cope up with the newly-revised pricing, we’ve summed up the highlights of this essential change for you in our blog.

Important upgrades to the cPanel reseller program

Important security and customer management updates to the cPanel reseller program

Over the last few months, we’ve introduced a few important cPanel program updates to make managing your store and customers a lot easier for you. Check them out in our blog.

Shared IPs for SSL on cPanel

SSLs on shared IPs for all cPanel services

Now cPanel users can also install an SSL on their sites by using a shared IP address. This is a great solution for securing a search engine-friendly https site without needing to buy a dedicated IP address beforehand.

The key advantages of our ZFS-based cloud hosting platform in an infographic nutshell

Check out the key advantage of our ZFS-based web hosting system in comparison with the widely popular cPanel-with-EXT4 platform.

The concept behind our custom-built cloud hosting system’s stability and reliability

Our ZFS-storage-based platform vs. the popular EXT4-based cPanel platform

Website Migration from cPanel explained

Out technicians explain in detail the procedure for migrating a website from cPanel to the Hepsia Control Panel.

CloudFlare Plugin now available with cPanel/WHM Servers

CloudFlare Plugin now available with cPanel/WHM ServersThe CloudFlare CDN Plugin now available with cPanel/WHM Servers. Learn more about CloudFlare and how it can benefit your websites.

Why choose CentOS for your VPS/Dedicated Server?

Why choose CentOS VPS?In our latest blog article, we will go through the choice of an OS for a VPS or a Dedicated Server and the difference between the available choices.

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