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SPF protection - strict mode enabled in the Control Panel

Enhanced SPF protection for preventing spam from your own domain

We have reinforced the level of SPF protection to help you handle domain-spoofing scenarios. Learn more from our blog.

Mailbox quota control from the Hepsia Control Panel

Inbox quotas enabled for all Hepsia-managed mailboxes

In an effort to curtail the number of neglected mailboxes and unreceived messages, we have enabled the option to set storage quota limits on your mailboxes.

Beware of domain renewal spam emails

Beware: ‘Domain renewal’ spam messages in active circulation

A misleading ‘domain renewal’ spam email from has been circulating rather persistently lately. Here is what the email is exactly about and how you could use the situation to promote the Whois protection service to your customers.

Our service email used for a phishing attack

Our customer service email used in a phishing attack

One of our customer service email addresses –, has been illegally used in a PayPal phishing campaign. Learn about the measures we’ve taken to ward attackers off.

Push Email for IMAP supported on all our servers

What is the ‘Push Email’ functionality for the IMAP protocol and how it helps push emails to your inbox in an instant.

How to reduce the SpamAssassin load

SpamAssassinLearn how to boost up the speed of your server by edditing the SpamAssassin configuration with the latest dedicated hosting tutorial by ResellersPanel.

File permissions in Unix-based systems

If you have ever wondered what those weird 3-digit numbers in the web hosting control panel exactly refer to, what they do and why you need them, then you can find the answers you need in our latest blog post.

cPanel Reseller tutorials – Webmail in the cPanel control panel

If you happen to dislike all mail clients, then you can give the Webmail option a try. Alexandra from our cPanel support team is here today, with an excellent Webmail explanation. Check the full post to find out more!

cPanel Reseller Tutorials – Email Aliases and Forwarders

Is all that variety of mail options confusing to you? Read our complete guide on setting up email aliases and forwarders in the cPanel control panel and don’t forget to watch our under-a-minute video tutorial on how to create them!

cPanel Reseller Tutorials – Setting up an Auto Responder

If you are tired of having to reply to every single message you recieve, then the cPanel control panel has a solution – the email auto-responder. Check our full post for a video guide on how to create one in just a minute.

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