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cPanel reseller tutorials – working with the WHM (part 4)

In our previous posts we showed you how to log into the WHM, how to create a hosting package and how to create a hosting account. Now that we have all that covered, it’s time to turn our attention to some of the other features that the WHM provides you with. And what is more important than keeping track of your server’s status? If you want to always keep track of which server services are fully operational, keep on reading!

This can be done via the “Server Status” section of your WHM. The access path is Main >> Server Status >> Service Status.

The cpdavd daemon is “WebDav” which was introduced in cPanel 11 to allow users to mount their home directory on their personal computer, always having access to the files and the content.

The cpsrvd daemon is the cPanel service daemon – it has the task to start|stop|restart and basically keep the cPanel software on the server up and running.

The exim and exim-26 (for exim on another port) daemon is the server’s MTA (Mail Transfer Agent). It directs incoming and outgoing mail that passes through the server.

The IMAP daemon is a Courier IMAP server service that provides IMAP access to Maildir mailboxes.

The interval daemon takes care of the cron jobs running on the server.

The MySQL deamon is the background process, which handles users’ databases and takes care of the communication between the MySQL RDBMS (relational database management system), on the one hand, and PHP and Apache – on the other.

The named daemon is a DNS server service – it reads DNS zones to properly convert IP addresses to domain names.

The syslogd daemon deals with server, system and cPanel service logging. It is configured to distribute logs for all common services running on the server.

The Server Load, Memory Used, Swap Used and Disk Usage statuses show the server’s current load, memory/swap memory (portions of the virtual memory are reserved as swap space) stats, as well as disk usage stats.

Originally published Monday, November 16th, 2009 at 7:27 am, updated July 4, 2024 and is filed under cPanel Support.

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