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cPanel option with VPS and dedicated servers restored

cPanel Control Panel option restored for VPS’s and dedicated servers. A new pricing scheme in place.

The cPanel Control Panel option for KVM’s, OpenVZ VPS’s and dedicated servers has been restored across our platform. Check out the new pricing tiers for VPS’s and dedicated servers from our blog.

cPanel price hike crisis: time for the web hosting industry to take a new direction

The recent, sudden change to cPanel’s licensing model and pricing has turned the spotlight on the web hosting providers’ heavy dependence on single big players. Is this the beginning of a new era for the industry where universal, off-the-shelf solutions will give way to more innovative and independent ideas?
Check out our reflections on the situation from our own perspective as a web hosting provider.

Attracta SEO Tools now available with all cPanel hosting plans

All our cPanel hosting packages under our cPanel Reseller Hosting program come with the Attracta SEO Tools. Learn more about them in our blog.

WHMCS with all cPanel plans

WHMCS now offered as an add-on with all cPanel plans

WHMCS – the all-in-one billing and support automation tool for online businesses, has been added to our reseller packages. Learn more from our blog.

CloudFlare Plugin now available with cPanel/WHM Servers

CloudFlare Plugin now available with cPanel/WHM ServersThe CloudFlare CDN Plugin now available with cPanel/WHM Servers. Learn more about CloudFlare and how it can benefit your websites.

Tweaking the WHM on a VPS Server

WHM VPS TweaksFind out how you can optimize your VPS server to run faster and be more stable with a few tweaks of the WHM in our latest reseller tutorial.

The RV Skin Manager

RV Skin ManagerLearn more about the RV Skin Manager and what it can do for you and your clients under the cPanel Resellers Program in our latest blog article.

cPanel reseller tutorials – working with the WHM (part 4)

WHMIn our latest WHM tutorial, you will learn how to monitor your server’s services – where you can see them and what doeas each of them do. Follow the news title for more!

cPanel reseller tutorials – working with the WHM (part 3)

WHMLearn how to create a new cPanel hosting account using the Web Hosting Manager software with our latest cPanel tutorial article.

cPanel reseller tutorials – working with the WHM (part 2)

Today, we will show in details who to create a new hosting package in the Web Hosting Manager (WHM). More info in the full post.

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