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cPanel reseller tutorials – working with the WHM

WHMIn our latest series of cPanel reseller tutorials, we will look into the WHM software and it’s main functions – how to create a package, how to create a new account, how to monitor your server.

cPanel reseller tutorials – the AwStats tool part 3

The cPanel Control PanelToday, we will present you with the third part of our AwStats guide, in which we will turn our attention to the “Connect to site from” section.

cPanel reseller tutorials – the AwStats tool

The cPanel Control PanelThe cPanel control panel is the most popular control panel out there, so it never hurts to know more about the features it has. Today, we will take a closer look at the AwStats web statistics tool.

cPanel Reseller Tutorials – Remote MySQL connections

Today, we will be looking at one of the most interesting features of the cPanel control panel, which can become very useful in the right hands – the remote MySQL.

cPanel Reseller Tutorials – create new MySQL database

Today, our focus turns to MySQL and the cPanel control panel, and more specifically, on how to create a new database. Detailed video and step-by-step tutorials are available in the full post.

cPanel Reseller Tutorials – MySQL databases

MySQL databases are something very useful and you just have to have MySQL with your web hosting account. But, what is MySQL? Today, our own support supervisor is here with a great article on MySQL, SQL and databases in general.

cPanel reseller tutorials – creating FTP accounts

Today we will be exploring the FTP capabilities of the cPanel Control Panel, so check our last post to find out how to create a new FTP account, what are the proper FTP login credentials and what exactly is “Limited FTP access”.

cPanel Reseller Tutorial – Upload files with cPanel

Check out our latest cPanel video tutorial, showing you how to upload files with the cPanel Control Panel!

cPanel Reseller Tutorials – Webmail login

The newest video tutorial from ResellersPanel is here, so waste no time and click on the news title to check it out!

cPanel Reseller Tutorials – Uploading files via the File Manager

For the last few week, I have been focused on the email section of the cPanel control panel and now it’s time to change the subject – today we will be taking a closer look at the cPanel file manager and it’s functions.

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