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cPanel Reseller Tutorials – create new MySQL database

In the last post in our blog, our collaboration with Kyle Richards resulted in one of the most comprehensive database and MySQL explanations in the world wide web. And today, we will continue on the MySQL subject, this time focusing on the practical side – creating MySQL databases with the cPanel control panel. This tutorial will feature not only a detailed step-by-step guide with a detailed explanation of every step, but also a video tutorial to show you how the guide is applied.

Create MySQL database step-by-step tutorial To take advantage of the MySQL service you must first create a MySQL database. Depending on the skin used (in this example the X3 skin is used) you can do so by using the MySQL Database Wizard. Click on the MySQL Database Wizarad icon and follow these 3 steps: Step 1 ) Create a Database – enter the name of the MySQL database in the corresponding form field and click on the “Next Step” button Step 2) Create Database Users – now you must create a MySQL user and set a password for that user – do so by entering the username and the password in the corresponding form fields; you can use the “Generate Password” button to automatically generate a hard-to-guess password. The “Password strength” bar will measure the ‘strength’ of the password. When ready press the “Next Step” button. Step 3) Add User to the Database – this step allows you to add the MySQL user to the MySQL database; note that you can select the privileges (level of access) that you wish assigned to that MySQL user. Usually “All Privileges” are be granted – they will allow this user to perform all possible actions with the database. Click on the “All Privileges” check-box and then press the “Next Step” button On each step you will see the result of the taken action – the name of the MySQL database, the username of the MySQL user and the password used for this user. Make sure to save this information since you will need it for setting up the web-application you wish to run. The strength of the password depends on the number and type of characters entered. For passwords always use at least 8 characters that should be a combination between upper and lower case letters, numbers and all allowed symbols. cPanel allows you to add multiple MySQL users to the same MySQL database. This is useful whenever you wish to have users with different level of access or privileges.

Originally published Thursday, August 13th, 2009 at 2:43 pm, updated August 28, 2009 and is filed under cPanel Support.

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