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RV Skin Manager Configuration

The RVSkin Manager is an efficient tool for creating new cPanel themes and skins. Aside from allowing you to change the look and feel of the Control Panel, it also allows you to choose which parts of the Control Panel will be displayed. This way you can create accounts with limited features and lower prices. The RVSkin Manager is easy to configure – the menus are user-friendly and do not require a lot of time to get used to them. The most important menu in the RVSkin Manager is called Config and contains the following sub-menus: * Global Configuration: In the Global Configuration menu you can set up your reseller domain name, hosting name, etc. The configuration affects only your resold accounts. The reseller account itself will deploy configuration from root. * Package-Feature Manager: From the Package-Feature Manager menu you can edit the features of all your packages. * Account-Feature Manager: You may also customize the skin for a specific account from the next menu – Account-Feature Manager. * Add/Remove Features: The Add/Remove Features section offers a faster way to add and remove features to and from Package-Feature Lists and existing Account-Feature Lists. * Feature Comparison: The Feature Comparison menu of the RVSkin Manager compares all the features that you offer with the different RVSkins. * Multi-Server Management: The Multi-Server Management menu represents an automatic system that allows you to manage all configurations from a Master Server. For now, you need to copy the configuration files manually. Please follow the instructions in the corresponding section. The next section of the RVSkin Manager is called Tweak and contains the following menus: * Disable Spam Box * Disable MySQL Access Host * Default Email Quota * Email Account List All the functions of the menus that this section offers become quite clear when looking at their respective names. The Language section offers the following options: * Default Language: You can set up a default language for all your sub-accounts * Selectable Languages: You can choose which languages to offer in your end-clients’ cPanel * Message Editor: You can edit all messages that the RVSkin Manager displays to users. The RVSkin update engine will not overwrite any messages you change. * AWSTATS Language Setting: If you choose automatic language selection, the RVSkin Manager will set AWSTATS, Webalizer and Analog language automatically based on the user’s RVSkin theme language choice and will set the language properly for each statistics package automatically if the package has an appropriate language module. If you turn off automatic language selection below, then you will need to use WHM‘s ‘Additional Language Config’ option to do it manually. The next menu available is the so-called Skin Editor: * Top Links: This feature will allow you to add your own custom link on the top of the cPanel menu. * Body Links: This feature will allow you to add your own links in each RVSkin theme section. * Page Editor: You can create your own page – the RVSkin Page Edtior fully supports HTML, PHP, custom cPanel modules, dynamic headers, dynamic footers, dynamic menus, and offers multi-language support. * Help & Tutorial Links: You can edit all Tutorial and Reference links shown in each section of the Control Panel, and replace them with links to your own Flash tutorials, document help or feature references. The RVSkin update engine will not overwrite your settings. Let’s take a look at the Themes menu: * Selectable Themes: Here you can check the themes that you want to allow the users to be able to select. * Theme Header: You can place a header on any of your custom RVSkin themes. * Upload Logo: A custom logo will only appear in the standard RVSkin themes (rvblue, rvorange, rvteal, rvgreen, rvviolet, rvolive and rvmaroon) if you choose to display a logo and the “Powered by” message in the Global Configuration menu. To display a logo on the RVSkin “Light” themes, please customize the header here. Next comes the Upsale menu: * Upsale Manager: The RVSkin Manager comes with great marketing tools to help increase your revenue. * Upsale Window Size: You can specify the pop-up window size and attributes here to fit your upsale page design. The next available menu is News&Alert. * News System: You can show each news ID in different languages; set the number of news items to show in the top box on the homepage, the archive page, etc.; You can show news only in the specific hosting packages; * News List * Add New News The next menu is called Sub Reseller containing the sections listed below. However, we do not offer subreseller hosting (this service is possible only on a dedicated server). * Enable/Disable * Reseller WHM Remote Access Key The last available menu is Integration. This is a menu through which you can integrate different scripts for installation from your clients’ cPanel accounts. Modernbill and AWBS are billing systems that you can also integrate easily. ASSP is SPAM and VIRUS fighting software. * Autoinstall Scripts Integration * Modernbill Scripts Integration * AWBS (DRAMS) Scripts Integration * ASSP Integration
Originally published Friday, November 27th, 2009 at 8:33 am, updated November 26, 2009 and is filed under cPanel Support.

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