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VPS, Dedicated Servers and SemiDedicated servers – when will they be available for free resellers?

The question of when our VPS, Dedicated and Semi-Dedicated server offers will be released on the reseller web stores is very popular among our resellers under the Free Reseller Program – each day we receive several support tickets from people asking when this will be ready. Unfortunately, we can’t give an exact date – we are ready with most of the work, but we are still testing parts of the system to ensure that it will be working flawlessly. This is taking most of our time these days. However, our designers and marketing team members have prepared several other novelties, which will also see the light of day in the nearest future. Our website will soon be boasting a brand new look and feel. Our designers have re-designed the front page and most of the internal site pages. A lot of new pages were added as well. Also, our VPS and Dedicated server packages will be offering new free bonuses, as well as new upgrades – you can now check these in the Reseller Control Panel. Our ultimate goal is to make all these offers as attractive as possible and thus strenghten your image in your clients’ eyes.
Originally published Tuesday, December 1st, 2009 at 12:00 pm, updated December 1, 2009 and is filed under Latest News.

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