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The prices of Wildcard SSLs plummet by 51%, those of regular SSLs – by 20%!

SSL certificates now much cheaperIn tune with the ever-shifting trends on the SSL market, we have moved to a more reasonably priced SSL provider and can now offer you a much more competitive pricing window for both generic and Wildcard SSL certificates.

The certificates are issued by Comodo – Positive SSL, and use 2048-bit RSA keys with 256-bit encryption.

They come with a strong authentication warranty, an authentic site seal and free re-issue & money-back guarantees.

Wildcard SSL certificates now 51% cheaper

Wildcard certificates allow you to easily secure as many sites under a certain domain name as you need, for example:,,, etc. Usually, their much higher price is considered justified due to the unlimited number of hosts that they can secure.

However, now that we have lowered the price of Wildcard certificates by more than 50%, you have a great chance of drawing more customers with more competitive price levels.

Because of the significant change to the prices of the Wildcard certificates, we have updated your end prices to the new default retail rates.  

TIP: You can update your prices with a click from your Reseller Control Panel -> My Offers -> SSL Certificates (the Wildcard SSL Certificates table).

Generic SSL certificates now 20% cheaper

After the recent major generic SSL certificate price drop, we have now taken another step to let you offer a really competitive security service for your customers’ domains.

The price of a normal SSL certificate offered on your store for a single domain name has fallen by another 20%.

Since the generic certificate price decrease is of a smaller scale, we have preserved the current retail prices of those of you who have updated their pricing so far. To finetune the latter to the competitive trends on the SSL market, you can hurry up and scale down your sale prices from your Reseller Control Panel -> My Offers -> SSL Certificates.

TIP: You can update your prices with a click from your Reseller Control Panel -> My Offers -> SSL Certificates (the SSL Certificates table).

What will be the price of a renewed SSL certificate?

In order for existing SSL users to take advantage of the new lower prices, an SSL from the new provider will be issued upon renewal.

For this reason, the actual SSL renewal will take place several days prior to the expiration of the current SSL certificate. 

How does our SSL service compare against the competition?

True to our policy to deliver the most cost-effective service to your customers, we enabled SNI support on our platform the moment it became widely available as a means of installing SSL certificates on shared IPs. This made SSL certificates more affordable for customers.

Most providers, however, do not offer SSL installation on shared IPs yet, due to the lack of SNI support on their servers. This way, customers are still required to tie their SSL certificate to a dedicated IP address, which usually triples the SSL installation price.

Also, some providers even require a fee in order to install your own SSL certificate on their servers.

From the Hepsia Web Hosting Control Panel, your customers can install an SSL, which they have bought from another provider, at no cost. They can do that from the Hosted Domains section. They need to click on the Edit Host icon and then to select the ‘’Upload an SSL Certificate’’ option:

Upload an SSL certificate

Originally published Tuesday, January 27th, 2015 at 5:28 pm, updated January 28, 2015 and is filed under Web Hosting Platform.

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