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Activate/deactivate SSL on store

You can now choose to enable/disable SSL certificates on your store

You can now manage your SSL offerings like you manage any other product on your store. Learn more from our post.

An option to install free SSL certificates enabled for cPanel resellers

We now support AutoSSL on our cPanel reseller platform, which allows you and your clients to install free SSL certificates on your domains. Learn more from our blog:

SSL certificates now available as stand-alone products on your store

You can now sell SSL certificates as stand-alone products

Your customers can now buy SSL certificates straight from your stores. Learn more about this new great selling point from our blog.

SSL Compliance

Compliance with SSL security standards

We have taken steps to synchronize all security-enhanced instances, which use an SSL certificate, including the Control Panel login page, with the latest standards in SSL communication.

SSL certificates now much cheaper

The prices of Wildcard SSLs plummet by 51%, those of regular SSLs – by 20%!

Тhe prices of Wildcard SSLs have now fallen by 51%, and those of regular SSLs – by 20%. So, hurry up and finetune your own pricing from your Reseller Control Panel to reflect this amazing price drop.


Another SSL vulnerability – the POODLE bug, has surfaced. Server-side measures taken.

A new SSL vulnerability has been brought to light by Google experts – a weakness in the SSL 3.0 protocol could now be used to eavesdrop critical data that is transferred over an encrypted connection between web clients and servers.

SSL certificates – verification and automatic installation

Learn more on the SSL generation procedure and what you and your customers should do to get your SSL verified and installed on our platform.

Shared IPs for SSL Certificates in the Control Panel

The option to activate an SSL certificate with a shared IP address has been readily integrated into the SSL Certificates section of the Control Panel,

Change in the period SSL certificates can be purchased/renewed for

Change in the period SSL certificates can be purchased/renewed forDue to a GeoTrust policy change, as of today, SSL certificates can be purchased or renewed for a period of 4 years.

How to use an SSL certificate

SSL certificatesYou have an SSL certificate and now you are wondering how to use it with your website? Learn how to do it with our latest blog post.

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