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A new domain registry partnership to unlock lower prices and more new TLDs in your portfolio

We are glad to announce a new partnership with one of the largest providers of new TLDs on the market. It will allow us to extend (y)our domain portfolio and will unlock various marketing opportunities for your business thanks to lower long-term prices and attractive TLD promotions.

5 new domain extensions for your business

5 new domain extensions you can consider for your business

If you are looking for the right domain name for your brand, check out five extensions that could easily help you create the virtual identity that you aspire for.

.EU domain promotion for 10 years

We celebrate Europe Day with an exclusive .EU promotion!

You can now get .EU for 10 years in a row with an 80% discount! The promo is available for your customers as well! Check out our blog for more details.

Multiple domain names for a business website

Should you use more than one domain name for your business site? A few tips to keep in mind

Investing in variations of the primary domain name of your business site is one of the best ways to enhance your web presence and protect your brand from the competitors. Learn more about that from our blog.

Domain suggestion tool in the search form

The domain name suggestion tool is now faster and more user-friendly

The domain suggestion tool has been tweaked in such a way as to offer your customers an even more intuitive search experience. Learn more about this update from our blog.

.JP domain names cheaper

The .JP domain extension is now 30% cheaper

.JP – the official domain extension for Japan, is now available on our platform at a 30% lower price. Learn more from our post.

.US TLD accreditation

ResellersPanel is now a .US-accredited registrar

We’re pleased to announce that we are now officially an .US-accredited registrar! As of the 1st of November, all new .US registrations will go directly through us.

.AT domain registrations cheaper

.AT domain registrations 40% cheaper in the long run

The domain hack-friendly .AT ccTLD is now 44% cheaper. The official Austrian domain extension is open for registration by anyone. Learn more about the potentialities of the .AT country-code Top-Level Domain from our blog.

.NZ and .AU TLDs - discounts

.COM.AU and .NZ domains cheaper in the long run

If you operate on the Australian or Oceanian market, you’ll be glad to hear that .COM.AU and all .NZ extensions offered on our platform now sport lower long-term prices. Learn more about the marketing potential of these TLDs from our blog.

.CN TLD free with hosting

.CN domain registrations now free with a web hosting plan

.CN – the official ccTLD for China, can now be offered for free with a web hosting plan. Learn how to successfully target the largest Internet market in the world.

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