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It’s experts’ time: .GURU and .NINJA now open for registration

.GURU and .NINJA now open for registrationThe great invasion of nTLDs in recent years has not only infused a brand new range of attractive TLD alternatives into the market, but has also brought a new level of web address personalization to registrants’ fingertips.

So far we’ve introduced a great deal of nTLDs to our platform, among them .DEALS, .SOLUTIONS, and .SERVICES for e-commerce sites, .NEWS and .XYZ for non-commercial projects, etc.

Now we bring a special new breed of expert-relevant nTLDs to the table highlighted by the .GURU and .NINJA extensions.

Why are .GURU and .NINJA really special?

Over the years, the web has provided an expert-friendly environment where everyone with special skills or in-depth knowledge on a particular topic could freely unfold their potential and get a good following.

Providing value to their audiences is the main mission of experts and now they have an official online tribune where they can showcase their expertise.  

.GURU – some facts and applications

Launched back in February 2014, the .GURU extension quickly magnetized online experts’ attention with its specific nature and reached 50 000 registrations in just two months.

Currently, the extension is ranked at #30 in the official nTLD chart, right after .NEWS.

As its name implies, .GURU is a natural choice for anyone who wishes to offer tips on a given topic.

It’s perfect for all types of advice-giving sites – from consulting blogs to how-to portals.

Its catchy syntax opens the door to endless attractive topic-driven web addresses like yourdating.GURU, yourcar.GURU, yourmakeup.GURU, diy.GURU, photo.GURU, etc.  

.GURU now open for registration

.NINJA – some facts and applications

.NINJA is a bit older than .GURU. It was officially released at the very end of 2013 by the USA-based Rightside® Registry.

As of now, .NINJA is positioned at #36 in the official nTLD chart with almost 55,000 registrations.

As is the case with .GURU, .NINJA represents a fresh opportunity for experts who want to get out of the generic TLD box and add a master’s-level appeal to their online presence.

.NINJA nTLD open for registration

Registrations stats have shown that it is mostly preferred by IT specialists, web developers, game designers, software engineers, coding experts and anyone looking for a domain name with an attitude.

The extension can be well applied in the context of martial arts as well.

If we were to differentiate between the two ‘expert’ extensions, we’d have to say that .NINJA has a more informal and funny feel to it, which slightly tones down the authority it invariably charges a site address with.

How to activate .GURU and .NINJA on your store?

.GURU and .NINJA are enabled by default for your store.

If you haven’t made changes to the list of TLDs in your Reseller Control Panel, the new TLD will be listed next to .MOBI.

If you have changed the original order of TLDs, however, the new nTLD will be listed as an inactive option at the bottom of the TLD table under Domain Pricing:

.ninja and .guru nTLDs - enable from Reseller Control-Panel

Both .GURU and .NINJA offer instant recognition and allow a lot of room for improvisation, which makes them a great top-class addition to your domain portfolio.


Originally published Tuesday, March 8th, 2016 at 5:37 pm, updated June 9, 2016 and is filed under Domain Names.

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